Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dec 19, 2012

Hola Todos!
Como estan? All is well here. We're happy, healthy, and working hard.
Hermana hansen has already been to Guatemala as her father is an archaeologist. As far as sister Carpenter and I, we can hope, but I SERIOUSLY doubt that we'll ever go to Guatemala on our missions. As far as things I've learned, it would probably be easier to tell you what I haven't learned: past tense, future tense, and random vocab. Otherwise, I'm already to a point where I can converse semi-coherently. This new 6-week program we're on is intense, but the results are amazing, especially when you have God on your side, teaching you what to say. We've already had 6 lessons, completely in spanish, and we just got 2 new investigators. Things are going well with them and we're enjoying the work.

I've learned a lot about my companions, but I can't think of anything particular except that Hma Hansen has awesome hiccups that happen ALL THE TIME and Hma Carpenter is a blast to be around. Christmas eve with Gma Gpa  and Nate&co sounds awesome. I hope it's super fun and that you all travel safely.

The elders are even more squirrelly, but they're honestly so fun to be around. They can have their serious moments, but they do a great job of helping us remember that life is about having joy and enjoying every moment. :)

Thanks for all the packages, especially the memory card reader thing. The rice krispies were good, and I look forward to opening the other packages next week.

I was made coordinating sister this last Sunday, which is the female equivalent of a zone leader, so taht's been an adjustment. It's a big responsibility as far as MTC stuff goes, so I'm feeling rather humbled that the Lord is trusting silly little me with it, but I'm confident that He knows what He's doing, so I accepted the call. I'm pretty sure it's for me, but maybe it will be good for other people too.


We found some old hole-y boots in a give-away box, so we've declared them the sisterhood of the traveling boots boots. They are pretty much awesome.

We've had lots of cool speakers in RS... the RS president, the YW president. Both gave awesome talks.




We're getting 11 new elders today, and I get to help greet them as Co. Sis.


If you're trying to tell someone repentance can help them feel clean of sins, be sure to say "pecados" for sins, NOT "pescados." That totally happened. Good thing I was playing the investigator instead of it being a real investigator.

Love you all! Hope you're having a great Christmas Season.


Todo mi amor,

Hermana Bayles



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