Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 21, 2014

No worries, I missed the eclipse too. hahahaha. Sorry you`ve been all sick, though. I was sick for a while here, so I know what a bummer it is to have to stay home. It sure is nice to hit the ground running again, though. 

That`s so sad about the little duck that hit the light post. We didn`t find any ducks this week (oh, wait, yes we did... we found a weird honduran variety called pichiches) but we found a nice little monkey that was so thirsty that he pretty much attacked us for our water. I got a great picture of him with his little angry face. haha. I gave him water and a snackypoo. I think he loved it. His name is Pancho. :)

Easter. It seems like such a weird holiday to me. Here it has nothing to do with candy, nothing to do with eggs, and everything to do with Jesus, as it should be. In fact, it`s a week lo
ng event in which everybody goes to the beach up until good friday, then on good friday, they all sit around watching Jesus movies and movies like the 10 commandments. Then they all eat this delicious french toast that is all soggy because instead of putting the syrup on top, the bread is cooked in the syrup and they eat squash in syrup. Then they all get drunk Saturday and go to church sunday. :) Friday they also do reenactments of the Atonement, which is kind of cool and also kind of uncomfortable, then Sunday they burn a doll of Judas to show him that even though he betrayed Christ, Christ was resurrected and was thus not conquered. They fill a life-sized doll with hay and fireworks then they light a match and run like crazy. hahahaha. They`re so crazy. I just love them.

Greg`s graduating. Wow. That`s so weird. But awesome. Also, you better keep that pool clean, cause this week has been such a temptation... everyone has either been at the beach or swimming. Sometimes mission rules are a big test of obedience. hahaha Especially when there`s NO ONE around because they`re all at the beach and there`s nothing better to do than swim. Turns out there is something better to do, and it`s walk around empty streets looking for someone to teach. :)

I`m glad housing is all set. I have to be honest, I really don`t care where i live. It makes me so embarrassed and sad to think of my future apartment. I look at some of the homes I visit here and I am just so humbled by the thought that I will live in such a nice place. This week we visited a lot of people who live in very humble circumstances because they were the only ones who didn`t leave to swim or party (they didn`t have money to do any of that) and it`s been a good reminder of what Semana Santa really means and the really important things in life. We were in the Bordo teaching Pascual and he seemed so distracted and sad, so I asked him what was wrong. He told us (after lots of bashful trying-to-change-the-subject) that he didn`t think he was going to go to church because he was embarrassed of his shoes. He said they were too worn out and too ugly and he just didn`t have money to buy new shoes and it embarrassed him to show up to the house of the Lord like that. I shared the scripture in 1 Samuel 16 about how God doesn`t judge us for our outsides, but He judges our hearts. Then I showed him the holes in my shoes and the hole in the shoulder of my shirt and I asked him if he thought I could go into the church. He said of course, that I was more worthy somehow, even with holes in my clothes. I told him that that was not the case, that we are all worthy to go to church, no matter the state of our clothing. I then told him of a cute little sister in Olanchito who walked barefoot for 45 minutes over thorns, sharp rocks, pointed gravel, and finally burning pavement to arrive in church and swing her dusty feet from the edge of the pew as she sat and wept with the joy of being in church. I explained to him that God takes us as we are, broken, torn, dirty, worn out, and that to Him it doesn`t matter where we come from or what we`re wearing as long as our hearts are set on Him. He just looked at me with wonder as he began to realize the true nature of God`s love. 

Later in the week we went to visit Lucia, who is such a sweet and wonderful person. Every time we had gone to her apartment, we had always taught outside, so we didn`t actually know what the apartment looks like, but in this week, we entered in 2 of the other apartments there and quickly found that they are small one-room apartments with a sink and a toilet and a pipe for a shower. We didn`t think much of it until we remembered that she lives in that tiny apartment with her husband, three grown up daughters, their children, and her own still-growing children. I believe there are 9 of them in total. Then I saw a picture of the home I grew up in, and I was suddenly very humbled and very embarrassed. 

I think of going home and I just can`t even imagine the shock it will be. I just want to stay here forever to live among the beautiful and sincere people of Honduras. 


I hope you and Ellie had a great Easter and that you did something fun. I personally hid myself an easter egg with a dinosaur toy and tatoo inside. I was very surprised to find it. haha. Here the only thing they do with eggs on easter is smash them over your head. haha. But that`s something they do at any celebration. They cut the egg out of the shell then fill it with confetti and seal it up. Then they paint it, and when you`re least expecting it, they smash it on your head and you get all covered with confetti. :) Nobody really know why. haha. In El Salvador, they do it for every birthday. haha. I love Latinos. 

p.s. speaking of birthdays... I`ll smash an egg on someone`s head for you this Friday. ;) I hope you have a great day!


This week I saw baby dogs, cats, monkeys, iguanas, snakes (that one was actually dead, as was the iguana), a bunny, birds, and fish. Not to mention a crab. 

As far as the place I went last week... well. It was incredible, but it was very different than I thought it would be. It was very scary. you`ll see in the pictures, but we`ll have to wait to talk more about it later. Maybe after the mish we can post it all on ma blog. I`ll just leave it at this: this particular place was inhabited by Moroni`s final enemies and it is very clear that they were as he described them in his final flight. 

I haven`t received any packages, but I`ll keep an eye out. 

Noah is 3! Holy cow! I just feel like I can`t handle thinking about him being all big. As far as my arrival home, I`m not aware of the actual date, although I believe it will be the 11 12 or 13 of June. Probably the 12. But we don`t speak of such things. Why wasn`t I called as an elder to be able to serve 6 more months?!

Everything`s good here, just working in the obra and in all that hot hot heat. I just wish you could feel what it`s like. I just don`t think it`s possible to understand HOW HOT it is. I mean, I`m used to it now and it still just kills us. I drink between 3 and 5 liters of water a day (not to mention all of the water the members give us... and the other drinks they give us). The incredible thing is that I`m still always thirsty. If I didn`t see how much we sweat, I`d say it`s a sickness. hahaha. Speaking of drinks, we had a lesson with 2 less-active members this week, one of which was *ahem* not obeying the word of wisdom in that particular moment. He kept speaking to us in English and it was hilarious because he was without inhibition so he kept saying things like, ^I keep tellin my brain...^ which is to say, ^I thought.^ Poor thing. The good thing is, we got him to church for the first time in 15 years. And he loved it. Baby steps are what missionary work is all about. :)

Tell Bill and Gail I say Hey and that I love them. I`ve actually been thinking about them a lot this week. I don`t even know why. They`ve just been on my mind without stop. Tell them I hope they`re doin alright and that I hope they have a great week. 



Other than that, things are crazy as usual. We`ve got a ton of medical problems right now, but we`re working it all out. We`re also going to be divisions 3 times this week because a week from wednesday is our change meeting. I`ll be entering my last change, and i have to say, it`s more bitter than sweet. I never understood very well the scripture that talks about he who loses his life will find it, but in these last 16 months, I have completely lost the person I was, and the person I am, in the work of the Lord, and in doing so, I am finding what it really means to live. I just can`t even explain to you all how happy I am. I have never ever ever been so very happy in my whole life. And the amazing thing is, lately we`ve had A LOT of trials. It just goes to show me that happiness has very little to do with our circumstances and very much with how we CHOOSE to act. We can choose happiness. And I`m choosing it a lot lately. My joy is full. 


For anyone who is wondering, my name is Sister Bayles. I am a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and I am inviting you to come and see what true happiness is all about. Come unto Christ, all ye that are heavy laden, and He will give you rest. He suffered not only for our sins, but for our afflictions, our sadness, our sickness, our weaknesses, our temptations. He suffered so that we need not suffer, and He lives so that we too may live. If you are already a member of the church, I invite you to share your happiness with others. If you are getting to know the church, I invite you to take the next step on the path to happiness, to form a closer and more real relationship with your loving Heavenly Father. And if you have never heard of the Church, or even if you have heard of it but have never wanted to go, I invite you to come and join with us. You will never regret it. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church of Jesus Christ in the earth, and it is through that true church that we can obtain true happiness, both in life and in death. It is ONLY through this true church that we can be baptized in a baptism that is valid in God`s eyes, and it is only through continuing on the path of discipleship that follows baptism in Christ`s true church that we can obtain the promise of being with our families forever, even when death separates us for a brief moment. Come unto Christ and find truth that will set you free. I testify that God is our Father and that He loves us, and that He sent His Son Jesus Christ to come and show us the way. His way begins and continues with the promises and covenants we can make through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. If you want to find out more, or if you want to remind yourself of truths once forgotten, go to Mormon.org. 


I love you all immensely. Sorry I can`t spell in English anymore. You`re all just lucky I can remember enough English to write a letter. haha. Take care. 


Hermana Bayles


April 14, 2014

Hey-a family!

I'm sorry i couldn't write you all and respond to your emails, but today was a very special pday. You won't be able to post this on the blog... just the picture of the chickens and the beach, but the other one no. [I know, the suspense is awful!  Be patient!]



To send a quick note so you know we're alright. :) I'll send more pics for next week, but for now this'll do. Love y'all tons!

Hna bayles


April 7, 2014

That's so cool that you got to go to conference in the conference center. I bet it was awesome. Conference both made me very excited and very nervous. You´re right in saying that they gave a lot of warnings about the power of adversity in these days and strengthening ourselves now. That makes me excited because it means Christ is coming soon. However, it makes me nervous because it means that some day I´m going to have to raise children in a world that is even more scary than the world of today and that absolutely terrifies me. Battling the adversary is hard enough on a personal level, but add on top of that the responsibility of future souls of God and that´s just scary. Hahaha.

I liked your story about Bailey and about Brian and the varmint. Sounds like life is ever exciting. J


This week the only weird diseases we had were a wicked bad parasite and what we thought was MRSA but ended up being a Strep infection. The poor kid with the strep looked an awful lot like 2 face from batman. I´d send you the pics but it´s a total HIPAA violation.

That´s cool that you got to see Grandma and Grandpa. Tell them to hang in there and remember their promise to be at my homecoming ;).  Better yet, tell ém they´ve gotta be in my wedding and first baby birth. That´ll tide us over for a decade or so.

I think that´s funny that mom´s an iphone junkie. Haha. I can just imagine. Does she listen to all of my music that was still on the phone? I hope you all haven´t thrown it all out (or the music on my computer). That collection of music is a masterpiece of years of my life (and many of my college grocery budgets hhaaha).

It´s true what you say about the spotlight bit. I remember in young women´s they always drew a V on the floor and asked us to walk the 2 paths as long as we could with one foot on each path. In the end we always had to choose a path or end up sprawled and split-legged on the floor. I never really thought it was true until now. I´m beginning to see the truth in the fact that we cannot walk with one foot in the world and one foot in the path of ]God. It´s just the real-life application that´s difficult.

Applewood is my past and my future. Sign me up.

How long is La Dee going to be in France?



So… you´re jury folk for real, eh? That´s pretty awesome. Don´t worry about missing part of Conference. I missed my favorite speakers because our bishop told us it was going to be broadcast in our building (but it wasn´t) and we had to travel 30 minutes to get to the stake center. Also, I still have  a cold, so I was kind of a zombie in the other sessions. Don´t really know if I got as much out of it as I should have liked. Hahahha. The good thing is, it was awesome. My poor comp was like, [they´re speaking Spanish wayyyyy too fast!¨ I think sometimes we forget how slowly Hondurans speak. I´m used to fast talk, though, so it was fine.

I liked the CS Lewis quotes. He seems like a very good man. Some day I+d like to meet him. I´ll just bet we end up crossing paths in the spirit world.

Your week sounds hectic as does jury duty. A jury of our peers seems like a great idea until suddenly we´re responsible for the life and future of someone else. I know you´ll make a good call and I hope the other jurers will too.

Wow, the sobrinos sounds really cute. I want to see them all! Some day I will. Wow, Greg is going to the U! Wowsers! Little does he know I might also end up going to the U in a year or two haha. That´ll be three utes that bleed blue in the family. That´s awkward haha. What will he be studying there? I always forget. Is Andrew going to keep living in Utah or is he going to the East coast-Canada?


Hope you all are well and happy. There´s a slight chance I won´t be able to write next Monday, but I think we´ll work something out. I´ll be leaving the city on another medical tour to see some of the outlying clinics and some other things. I´ll send pics ;). Lauren will love them and be jealous… I won´t say any more because I´m not allowed to, but the pics will tell all.

Lesson I learned this week: It is not meet for a ma(re)n to run faster than (s)he has strength. If you want to be an efficient saw, you can´t just keep sawing and sawing and sawing. You´ve gotta take time to sharpen the saw.

Anyway, love you all oodly doodlies. I hope you have a great week and that you preach the gospel.


Hna Bayles

30 March 2014

[In response to Salt Lake people writing about weather:]  Wowsers, snow. I sweated so much this week I`m pretty sure they`re going to dedicate a lake to me. You wouldn`t believe how hot it is here… it`s getting to be the very hottest part of the year and I just don`t even remember what snow is like.

We did get to go to the women`s conference, but I didn`t get to enjoy it very much as I was a little bit sick. It was super great, though. The only thing I didn`t like was that they put so many pretty videos and songs… I mean really, they should have just handed out tissues as we walked in the door. It was ridiculous. I was the only one that brought tissues, which means I could have put up a business, but I figured we were in the church so it probably wasn`t appropriate.

Breathing moments? I don`t even know what those are. Haha. This last week I lost two days to the visiting AMA (which I report with gratitude, not complaining… he`s great), two days to divisions, and one day to being sick. It was not a great week for la obra misional.

We see a lot of problems with less actives here. In a ward of 600 enlisted members, usually only 120 are active members. That is why I am confined to being a less-active reactivating missionary for… ever. Haha. I love it, though.

Thanks for the quotes, I really liked them. J


How ironic that everyone asked about my health the one time I`ve had to stay home for being sick in 15 months. Haha. I`m fine though, no worries. Tell them I am well and happy and tan. Hahaha. I`ve started using sunscreen a lot more because I talked to some white people the other day and I realized that I`m getting tan and I don`t want skin cancer. The thing is that I thought I was still white because compared to everyone else I`m a marshmallow.

In talking to the AMA this week, he asked about my future plans and he told me something that has a lot to do with what you said about having to deal with boredom and monotony. He told me basically what you`ve always told me, but for some reason it struck me different this time. He said, ^really it doesn`t matter which specialty you go into, so long as you love it. You have to be able to do it every day for the rest of your life.^ Wow. That`ll get you thinking a little harder. Maybe I really will go into cardiology then. Errbody knows I love a  good heart and circulatory system.


Man, I think it will be hard not to spoil the Missionaries in the future, because I`ll look at those poor things and say, ^Man, I know exactly what kind of day you had today.^ I`ll have to remind myself that they still have to do their thing, cause otherwise I`ll just try to take care of them. Especially if there are sisters in the ward.

Easter here is… a week long. Everybody leaves for the beach because no one has to work. Everyone sits around eating sea food and watching Jesus movies. Then they do a bunch of HORRIBLE reenactments of the crucifixion in the streets of the big cities. It`s kind of ridiculous. Here it`s basically an excuse to get drunk and party and to pretend like they`re celebrating Christ. It`s a bit blasphemous really. It`s also the hottest week of the whole year, supposedly. But it`s nice. J



Look at you, you good citizen-jury-member you. Haha Man, what would happen if someone got called to jury duty in the mission? Weird.

My new comp had a bit of a big-eyed moment when she saw everything that I have to do on  a daily basis. I think it would be fair to say she was in shock. She`s getting used to it now though. I was joking with her that I`m just like spider man, but instead of getting bit by the whatever spider that he got bit by, I was bit by a nurse spider. Hhahhahaha. Look up pics in google. They`re some pretty intense looking things from what I remember.

Tell Gail and Bill I say Hi. I have a picture of Gail in my photo album here and I always show her to people and tell them she`s my aunt (or whatever other family title that comes out in the moment). They always say, ^wow, you`re even huge in your country.^ Yup. Yup I am. Hahaha.

That`s pretty cool about the sacrament. It`s an interesting way to think about it.

That`s great that Debbie is getting her PT. I hope she`s getting back some strength and usage. As far as Jason goes, I didn`t realize that that was a part of being a chiropractor. That`s pretty intense. Man, I hope he heals soon.

Applewood 5 sounds like the place of my dreams. Sign the contract and we`ll have it over with. Thanks for all your (plural) help in that. I know it was a pain, but I appreciate it.

Here`s to hanging on for dear life (o sea, enduring to the end hahaha). It`s a blast and I`ll be devastated when it ends.

Wish Grandma (and grandpa) a happy birthday for me.

Love you all tons

Take caresies,

Hna Bayles

24 March 2014

Hey yáll. I won´t have time to write you all this week (again). Sorry about that. The AMA (area medical advisor) Dr. Cragun is visiting us, so I don´t really get pday again this week. That´s aiight though. I had cambios this week. My new companion is sister Marley from Idaho. We saw a ton of really awesome miracles taht I wanted to tell you about, but I can´t write any more until next week. Thanks so much for the letter. I loved it. Love you all!

Hna Bayles


ps if the option is bunk bed or applewood, PLEASE choose applewood. I don´t want to have a bunk bed ever again.

March 17, 2014

Hola Familia,

Honestamente, no sé que escribir hoy, entonces lo siento por el correo aburrido que están a punto de leer. Pues si. 

Thanks for the St Patty´s Day wish. I´m about a million percent sure they don´t celebrate it here, and it´s probably a very

good thing, because I can just imagine how much the overly-flirtatious men here would love a good chance to pinch a gringa. Haha.

I´m sad to hear that Enoch still isn´t doing too great. I´ve been praying for that little guy and I hope he feels better soon. I was also sad to hear about Debbie´s fall. I hadn´t heard about it except that someone had written a pitiful one-liner that said something like ¨Debbie is in recovery, keep praying.¨ I´ll definitely be praying for her.

I´m slightly bummed about the housing bit, but I feel just fine about applewood. I´d say upstairs would be my choice, but downstairs would be fine too. Yes, I´ve lived without ac for a year and change, but people who visit me will not be so well-accustomed to the heat, so I think something where I can cool it down would be better. Who knows? Whatever´s just great. Chelsea is super expensive, and as I am increasingly poorer every day, I think the cheaper the better. You know what they say: once you´ve lived in Applewood, you never really leave. I think I´d prefer an upstairs apartment, but if you can´t get it, it´s alright.

That´s awesome that the missionaries are looking for me. But my question is: why did it take them 15 months of supposed inactivity to look for me? Plancheros. Hahahaha. As far as the Mother´s Day call, that´s like 2 months out. Paaaaleeeease. Haha. But yeah, I´ll probably call. Don´t worry about it. We´ll see when we get there. I swear the family is always more baggy than the missionary. Hahahahahahahaha

As far as Katerin´s baptism… it didn´t happen. I was so disappointed. It will still happen, but not yet. The thing that makes me sad is that I might not be there for the baptism, so that´s a bummer, but all in the Lord´s time.

I liked the thought about the sacrament. It´s amazing to me that one of the most sacred ordinances we participate in is also the ordinance that we perform in front of every single other member of the church. It´s incredible.

Last week our teacher in Relief Society asked everyone, ¨how would you act if Christ were here in the church with us?¨ Then she walked over to the sacrament table and pointed at the table cloth and said, ¨Christ is right here every week. Act like it.¨  It was awesome and it made me think a little differently about the sacrament.

It´s been a lamb in Honduras… until today. Now it´s a lion. It´s super windy today, which is a little bit unusual.

Well, aside from that, it´s been a rough week, but I think this next week will be better. We have changes this week and I´m pretty sure my comp and I will have changes, which makes me really sad. We´re going to be friends forever. I already know it. And the thought that we won´t be companions any more seriously makes me sad. She´s been a great friend and a great companion. I´ll miss her for sure. The good thing is, because we´re hermana leaders, there are only two areas where we could end up and two people who could be our companions, and we´ll still be in the same zone. That won´t be soooo bad. 

Anyway, have a great week. Love yáll. 

Hna Bayles