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May 6, 2013 - With Pictures!

Hi guys,

Roasting Marshmallows over a candle
This week I think I want to send a few photos, so this might be kind of short. I don´t have many photos seeing as we carry our cameras even less here in Olanchito than we did in Puerto, but I´m going to send what I´ve got. 

Did I ever tell you all about the awesome adobe houses in my area? Most of them are smaller than my bedroom back home, and most of them house more than 4 people (let´s be honest, usually more than 6 or 8). The majority of them are out in the campo in the colonia 25 de noviembre where we don´t take our cameras, so I don´t have any pictures, but one of these days, I´ll get a picture. We have three families we´re teaching out there, and one less-active member, so we´ll probably be spending quite a bit of time down there in the next few weeks. It takes a half hour walking to get there, so we mostly visit all of them at once. There are a lot more houses with dirt floors here, a lot more people without electricity and plumbing, and a lot more people who cook their meals in an adobe wood-fire stove.

We did a service project down in the satelite de la 25 de noviembre this last week where we patched up the spaces between the planks in a tiny one-room wooden house. They said the light comes in through the slats and wakes them up in the morning. We cut up a cardboard refrigerator box and nailed it over the slats with shoe tacks to keep out the light. I was the designated ¨close to the roof¨ nailer, because I was the tallest. I had to stand on a wicked old log to get some of the higher areas, but we got most of it done. We´re going to go back and finish some other time when we have more cardboard. It was a service project organized by the ward, and I think it turned out really well; the family was really pleased and grateful. They´re like 60 years old, but he got hit by a taxi last month and his leg is super gnarly, so he can´t really do anything. 

Quidditch, anyone?
We also helped clean the church building this week, because it´s been under construction for a bit and there´s dust everywhere. It´s so interesting to see how people clean differently here. For example, when we cleaned the church building back home, we only ever cleaned the inside; I suppose it never occured to us to clean the outside. Here, we cleaned the outside for several hours, and this is how we did it. Spray with hose. Dunk brooms in trash can filled with water and mysterious ¨soap.¨ Scrub every visible surface with broom (walls, cement, walkways, planter boxes, roof). Spray with hose again. The church looks great. For a while there, it (and we) were very wet. 

Started another English class. 

We found a lot of new people yesterday. I think they have a lot of promise for the immediate future, but who knows? We totaled 16 new investigators this week, which is (a record for us!) good because we just dropped pretty much all of our other investigators. We had so much hope for them, and the saddest thing is that each person we had to drop had already accepted baptism and had been progressing for this whole time. God´s timing is God´s timing, but sometimes I just want His timing to be my own timing, you know? But oh well. Someday they´ll get there. 

4 of the news we found are punk teenagers. haha (aka future missionaries and future priesthood holders). They´re friends of Edy (dunno if I´ve told y├íll about him?) who´s name, it turns out, might actually be Edil. It sounds exactly the same, just saying. Anyway, we´ve been having to teach Edy in the street lately because he´s not allowed to leave his neighborhood after dark (which is to say after 6 in the afternoon). We usually find him playing soccer in the street or just chilling with his friends on the side of the road. We always invite his friends to join us, but they were usually too busy pretending not to listen to actually listen, but this last week, they´ve been more and more receptive. It finally got to the point where we were singing a hymn to start the lesson with Edy on the side of the road when we realized that his friends were starting to gather. Then Edy called over all the rest and said, ¨hey, quit playing futbol, we´re gonna say a prayer and learn about God!¨ We were sitting on the curb and all of his friends were sitting crossed-legged around us, like a kindergartedn teacher in front of her cute lil class (a member who saw it said it looked like a bunch of chicks huddled around a hen haha). Edy was telling his friends to be respectful and listen (and they did). One of them who took particular interest in me (don´t worry, he´s a harmless zipote) was asking us if we could get married while we were in Honduras. We said no. He asked if we could have a boyfriend while we´re in Honduras. We said no, that that was definitely prohibited in the mission. He asked us how long a mission was. We told him a year and a half. He said, ¨man! I have to wait so long!¨ (hahahaha). That´s when we decided to teach 10 teenage boys the law of chastity, right there on the side of the road. hahahaha The best part is that they were totally receptive and really seemed to get it. Of those 10-ish boys, 4 have been in other lessons consistently and carried over to last night´s lesson. We were sitting at an old wooden picnic-style table in front of a pulperia-food place teaching Edy when we heard the gate open and close behind us. We were singing, so we didn´t really look up, but we heard it open and close again and again and again. We finished singing and turned around to find 5 of Edy´s friends sitting there grinning. We invited them over, and they came. They prayed, we taught them, they asked lots of questions, and they prayed again. These Huirros. haha. They´re good kids. They all said they want to serve missions (mostly because they want to go somewhere else in the world). We told them that was a possibility, but they had to learn more and be baptized first. hahaha. Anyway, we´ll see what happens with them.

MOTHER´S DAY CALL. I´m planning to sign on to my old gmail account (the mjbayles one... hopefully the username and password are the same) to use google chat with whoever is available around 6:30/7 Honduras time Sunday night. I believe that Honduras is on the same time as Utah right now, but I´m not 100 percent sure. You´ll have to check that out. If that time doesn´t work... well, I dunno. (We´ll leave Monday or the next Sunday as a backup plan, no worries). 


That´s cool that you got to spend time with the fam. We´re finding the same ¨we´re Catholic, but we love what you´re teaching¨ business here all the time. haha. The members are helpful, but the work would be so much easier if the members were more involved in finding investigators and friendshipping investigators/recent converts. It´s so true. Loved your puns! haha Thanks for all the love and support. Love you lots!



I loved your manly tree-ripping story. Reminds me of a book, or a movie, or maybe just my imagination of some giant ripping trees out of the ground. The Birthday celebration sounds fun. I hope all the fam is doing well. That´s great that you got to see Nath for a bit. You´re ¨let it go¨ bit was awesome. So true. And I´m grateful for the Harry Potter reference. I´m in withdrawals. Thanks for everything! Love you tons!


Hi the Lewises and Lukers! Love you guys!

Elise sounds like a doll. :) I´m excited to see all of the annoyingly consistent videos you´re taking of her (HINT HINT) haha. That´s cool that you got to go up to Parowan. I pretty much live there, just in Honduras. That stinks about Greg´s superfrozen fingers. I´m just glad he´s still got ´em. I´m glad your marriage class is rockin. I bet it´s super fun. Loved your joy in the small moments thought. Thanks for that. :) Thanks for everything! Love you mucho!


Lots and lots of love, 

Hna Bayles

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