Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 10, 2013

Hey-a fam. 

Thanks for the letter and limerick. haha. The last letter I got from Tyler, he told me to ¨baptize the Hell outta them...¨ that´s exactly what I intend to do hahahahahahaha. 

Tell Jordan that I got one letter, and I responded to it. If he doesn´t get it soon, it probably got stolen by Hondurans. haha I made it look all Catholic so it could make it out of the country, but that´s not always a guarantee. A lot of the time, they just take the money we pay to send something then never send the letter. It´s pretty corrupt. haha. As hard as it is for things to arrive here, it´s even harder for things to leave here. (In case y´all are wondering, that´s why I haven´t sent any birthday or other packages... every missionary I´ve talked to has said it´s a waste of time and money).  

Tell Mary y co that I´ll be praying for them. I´m just grateful for modern medicine and technology and all that. Sometimes God blesses us just by having us live in the times and circumstances in which we live. 

Everything sounds like it´s going good and that things are unfolding as God intends them to. How are things going with yáll, though? Is everything good on the home front? How are G and G Bayles? Tell them I love them and thanks for everything. Love you lots, Mumsie.

It´s true what you say about keeping the right perspective in things. The mission is a definite time of discovery. Every strength you´ve ever had will be tested and tried, and every weakness you´ve ever had will be accentuated until you finally start getting rid of it. haha. I never really believed people when they said it{s the hardest thing you´ll ever do, but I´m starting to see where they were coming from. hahahaha. 

The quilt bit sound cute, and your insights are profound. 

I´ll definitely leave a footprint or 25,000. ;)

Take a pic of your rose trees for me. Thanks for the pics. 

As far as reactivation goes, it makes me glad that I learned to Visit Teach back in the pre-mish days, cause that´s pretty much my assignment right now. :)

I´ll be praying for Mary and her family. 

50th year HS anniversary, wow that´s great. :) I think my 5 year anniversary is happening while I´m gone, but I don´t really know haha. 

Thanks for the quotes. I always love reading little clips from conference. Conferences are so inspired and beautiful. :) I especially liked the president Uchtdorf one. :)


Okey dokey family. What´s happening in my life. Pues, this week has been really crazy. We´ve had some sicklings here in the mission. We haven´t gotten personal study in a week, because of it. We had to go to a couple of exams and get a CAT scan for someone. Then you add to that zone conference and a multizone conference and divisions and you just have no study time. So sad. The great thing is that I went on divisions this Thursday with the wonderful Hermana Tanner (she went home from the mission for a while because of a parasite, but now she´s back). She´s super cool. :) I got to go to Castaños for the day, which was really awesome. Loved it. We honestly didn´t have a ton of time in our area this week because of nursing stuff and meetings, but we had a good week nonetheless. 

We finished up all of the lessons with María this week and today we swung by her place to finalize things for her baptism. She´s all set to go for this Thursday, if everything goes according to plan. Pray that everything will go through with her... things always get reallllllllly hard for people in the days before their baptism. 

Other than that, things are going good. There´s a lot of people in the office right now, so it´s getting really hard to focus, but know that I love you all oodly doodlies. If you´re not doing what you should, change it and move on. ;) Be good and have a good week!

Oh, wait: I forgot to tell you the one thing I really wanted to tell yáll about. Rigo (Rigoberto) has been super excited about the church and everything. He´s been going to activities and talking to his family about it. He keeps telling us about how good he feels, about how he forgot how good it feels to be a latter-day saint. It just makes me so happy to teach him and talk to him. He was inactive for 20 years, and now he couldn´t be more excited. We were teaching him the plan of salvation yesterday when he had a really powerful and beautiful realization: we were explaining that we all lived with Heavenly Father as spirits before we were born. He talked about the fact that he knew Christ existed before He was born, but he hadn´t realized that he had existed before he was born as well. He was so excited to hear about it... he just filled up with light as he realized that God really knows him, that God has known him since before he was born. 

Ok, I really can´t focus anymore... too many people haha. I hope you´re all doing great. Love y´all!!! :)


Hna Bayles 

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