Sunday, September 15, 2013

Nine months, hUMp day!

Hola familia!

Yáll didn´t write me. However, I´ll overlook that detail and write y´all anyway. Ummm. I hit nine months in the mission this week, so (according to SPS mission tradition) I took the nine month hump day picture. Hope you love it. hahahahahaha.

Other than that, this week has been utterly and entirely uneventful. Oh wait. Not entirely uneventful. We found 3 athiests this week. Up until now, I´ve only heard of 1 athiest from any missionary in all of Honduras. And I found three in one week. I think it´s a talent or a skill or something. Also, I found a man who thinks the Savior is an alien. That was... fun. We also got railed on by a man in a gas station. Honestly I don´t know what to write yáll right nwo. haha. Ummm yup. 

Visiting Teaching. That´s awesome! It´s like missionary work, but for normal people. :) I´d say if I could put in my two bits for visiting teaching, I´d show the visiting teachers clips from the district and then help them to realize that it´s their duty as members to serve as in-ward-missionaries by doing their visiting teaching. As a full time missionary, I´m still doing visiting teaching... I´m visiting the less-actives in my ward because their home and visiting teachers refuse to visit them. Thus, we have to spend the Lord´s sacred and consecrated time to bring back the lost sheep that could have been guarded in the flock if only their neighboring shepherds hadn´t let them stray. If people really do a good job of visiting teaching, they´ll have better friendships, feel the spirit more, and be guided in the work of the Lord. For VT to be a joy, it just has to be done and the Lord will make it a joy. That´s what´s up. hhaha. Clearly I´m still pretty passionate about visiting teaching. 

Hey, tell Grandma and Grandpa I love them and I hope they´re doing good. 


Also, tell Marylin Allen and Gail and Sandra that I love them and thanks for everything.


Holler at Brother Rechsteiner for me. Let me know how he´s doing. :)


Other than that, I´ve got nothing. If I think of anything else before we leave the office, I´ll let you know, but for now, that´s all folks!


Love you all oodles!

Hna BAyles

p.s. IT´S A BLANKET... the mission doesn´t feed us THAT much hahahahaha. 

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