Monday, June 3, 2013

Howdy June 3, 2013

Holar familia!


Nigil: FELICIDADES! Bienvenido a la idioma más bonita en todo el mundo y el trabajo más hermoso que uno puede hacer! El Señor va a bendecirle por sus esfuerzos y yo sé que su misión va a cambiar su vida (por lo mejor) como ningún otra cosa puede. Haga todo posible para ser completamente digno. Éste es la preparación más importante; no importa si puede hablar la idioma, y va a aprender las enseñanzas que necesita, pero su virtu y dignidad son tesoros invaluables tambas en la vida como en la mision. Su espíritu va a convertir la gente, no sus palabras ni su conocimiento. Sea valiente y sea fiel. I´M SO PROUD OF YOU!!! :) Google translate that sucker if you don´t understand it yet. ;) 


I LOVED those puns. hahaha. There were some really great ones in there. I wish I could use them on the people here... at least I can use them on my comp. haha. 

I hadn´t really thought about the 3 days of darkness bit, but you´re right... I can see now why that was so terrifying. 

That´s so cool about Nigil. I´m sad that Margaret isn´t doing as great as she´d like, but if anyone´s got the spunk to face with a smile and a laugh, it´s her. :) That´s cool about the temple, and I love that scripture. Ironically enough, I was thinking about it this morning as we were walking an infinitely long distance. 

I love love love the Lorenzo Snow manual. It´s a little weird to read it in Spanish, but it´s still so good. I can see why he´s your unofficial favorite prophet. :) Hopefully the excitement for the church will be contagious in Olanchito. The really cool thing about missionary work is that it does tend to work like that. As soon as one person hears the truth, they want you to tell all their friends (even if they themselves don´t want to hear it). haha. 

Oh! Eileen! I was thinking a lot about you and your mission this week, and I want to thank you for being that example to me. I know I didn´t really see you go through the mission or anything (at least not in the flesh... get it? I was just a spirit hahaha), but I´ve always really looked up to you a lot, and hearing about your mission and knowing you served definitely helped me decide to serve (and more importantly, when times are rough, it keeps me going here in the field). You planted that seed of possibility in me, that girls can serve missions and that they can serve in rough places. They can handle nasty bugs and non-ideal living situations. They can handle not speaking a language and not knowing anyone. They can handle eating just about anything an elder can handle. And most importantly, they can do it all with so much love that it just fills you up. So thank you for that. :)

Gotta move on cause I´ve got VERY little time today. But I love you tons!

Pop a doodle doo!

Holy cow, when did you become wildly busy indiana jones man? 4 wheel trips to look for dinosaurs, high school reunions, barbecues, day trips... what is this?! hahahahaha That´s sweet that you made it back from Cali so fast and that you got to go to Ryan and Cailee´s reception (so they decided to get married after all, eh? congrats to them! That´s so great!)  I have to finish here, even though I´d like to write so much more, but we have to leave like... now. I´m in Tocoa today. We played futbol como zona and we ended a little late. a lot late. Anyway, love you tons!

That´s awesome about nigil. Also about the summer reading program. Holy cow you busy lady you. As far as shoes, I can get them here. No worries. I really liked that quote. It´s something I love thinking about, the branch between science and religion. It´s pretty much awesome. That´s sweet about summer and trucula trees and all that. Halee Chynoweth, wow that brings back memories. Gotta go, but I lovesies you!

Fast things. We found some awesome people this week. We had some awesome experiences this week. The coolest was yesterday when God sent us a miracle. We randomly decided to turn around and walk down a different street to a different appointment. We were super discouraged when suddenly we saw a man riding toward us on a bicycle. It turned out to be the branch president here, who randomly gave us the perfect pep talk to keep us going. Our God is a God of love, miracles, and tender mercies. Don´t forget to find the sunshine. 

Love you all tons. I wish I could write more, but I have to go. Like, now. haha. Adios! I love yous.

Hna Bayles


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