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June 18, 2013

Hey-a family!

So, I´m sorry I didn´t write yesterday. I was in San Pedro. De hecho, I went to San Pedro Sunday in the afternoon (because it´s a 7 hour bus ride if you take the direct bus, which consists of an old beat up school bus if you´ll recall haha) and stayed in the BEAUTIFUL apartment of the mission nurse, Hna Tolliver. She´s a super great missionary and a super awesome person. :) Monday we had a Pday de hermanas because it was the last pday before the mission splits, and we were saying goodbye to all of our cute hermana friends and Pres and hna Veirs. Sad, but very very fun. The entire mission is going to the change meeting next Wednesday because it´s Pres and Hna Veirs´ last change meeting and it´s also the official split of the mission, which means we get to make the same horrible bus ride again next week. Woohoo. We´re the hermanas farthest away from SPS in the whole mission. That´s some kind of trust God and President have to send us so very far away. The funny thing for me is that I went from one side of the mission (my area in Puerto Cortes went all the way to Guatemala) to the other extreme (at least as far as Hermanas go). Anyway, the bus wasn´t fun, but no importa. I can´t read in buses, and the whole motion sickness thing is even more likely when the bus is jam-packed with people all crowded around you (standing, sitting, whatever) and there´s no air (AC in buses, you kiddin me?), but todo salió muy bien. We even got to cross a few rivers in the bus. Three of them were only rivers because of the rain (they´re usually streets) and the other is always a river. You´ve gotta love off-roading in a Honduran school bus!

Next, two things: HAPPY FATHER´S DAY, POPADOODLEDOO! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIE!!! Woohoooooooo! I hope you have super dooper days. :) I would have sent you cards, but let´s just face it, pretty much anything I send takes 2 months to get there (minimum) and that´s IF it get´s there, which has been more and more of a problem lately. haha. 

We only got permission to write just a little bit so you all would know we´re ok. So here goes: hey guys! I´m ok! haha. I´m actually doing super great. We´re having a really good time here in Olanchito and I like to think we´re changing lives. I absolutely love HOnduras, and what´s more important, I absolutely love the people here. Also, we had a baptism this last Saturday, so that was really great. :) Anyway, I´ve gotta go predicar now, so I´ll talk to yáll next week! Love you all lots and lots!


Lots of Love,

Hna B


p.s. thanks for your work on my mission blog. I met a brand new sister yesterday (hna Davies from Utah) and when I was like, ¨hey mucho gusto. Soy hna Bayles,¨ she was like, ¨I know... I read your mission blog. It totally helped me prepare for Honduras.¨ hahaha Cheers for that. 


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