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October 14, 2013 - Columbus Day!

Flesh eating bacteria? Been there, done that. Some day I will send you all a picture of the poor elder´s leg. You know, back when I was studying parasites and microbiology, I almost didn´t believe that necrotizing fasciitis exists, and really it´s such a rare bacteria that it almost doesn´t exist... but here in good ol´ Honduras where everything is bigger, scarier, germier, and moister, it´s just something that I get to write home about. Cheers for that. We´ve also got an inexplicable illness going around (you know, going around central america) that absolutely destroys the intestines. It´s an unidentifiable, untreatable, unknown SOMETHING (probably a parasite) that is taking out a missionary or two every couple of months and leaving them with lifelong post-infectious IBS. Who knew being nurse in a climate and area that is a living growing petri dish could be so... exciting?! The good news is, things like these are a rarity. :) We´re healthy as a mission, for the most part.


Honduras also has a Florida and a Las Vegas haha. The story behind the name ¨Honduras¨ is that when Christopher Columbus landed here in Honduras, he said, ¨thank God we´re out of those stormy depths¨ or something like that, and the name ¨the depths¨ just stuck I guess. For that same reason, the cape where he landed is called ¨Gracias a Dios,¨ or ¨thank God.¨

Our investigators are suddenly very sparse. haha. We just had to drop every single investigator we had for one or more reasons, but we´re basically starting over at ground zero. The good thing is, we still have a good pool of less-actives that we´re visiting and we just found a bunch more. Anyway, it´ll probably be a rough start getting back up with investigators, but sometimes everybody just decides to be unprepared all at once. haha 

I´m glad to hear that Nigil is doing well and is safely in Columbia. Those first few weeks are super rough, cause you have no idea what anyone´s saying and you have no idea how to respond, but tell him it will come with time (even though it doesn´t feel like it right now). One day he´ll just wake up and realize that he´s fluent. It´s incredible. 

Sounds like all the family stuff was great. It´s small little moments like those that you miss in the mision, not necessarily the big moments. :) Take care and thanks so much for everything. Love you! (hey, by the way, you´ve been in my dreams every single night for the past 2 or 3 weeks. It´s nice to see you, even when I can´t see you. Also, Brian made a candid appearance last night, so that was a fun little reunion). 


You´re right about the admin bit, although I would say the frustration is mostly that being the nurse for the mission really should be a full-time calling (actually it IS a full time calling; Hna Tolliver´s mission call was to be the nurse, but to also be a missionary... I´m just filling in haha), which means that I can be a great nurse or I can be a great missionary or I can give a great effort at doing the both, but it´s a little tricky. hahaha. Add training a new missionary to that and you may as well just hand me my red boots and my golden lasso and call me wanna-be-wonder-woman. hahahaha Just kidding. If I had the super powers to do it all, then you I could earn my stars, as it were. Although I must say, the things I have seen so far count for about 20 years in medical practice, because I´ve already seen so many rare diseases and treated so many every-day occurances. I´m trying to thing if PA school will count all of these hours as Clinical hours.... That would be SPECTACULAR and would make it possible for me to go right into PA school after BYU. But that´s in the Happily Ever After part of this story, and we´ve not quite vanquished the villain yet, so let´s not get ahead of ourselves. 

The Primary President sounds awesome. I look forward to meeting her in the Happily Ever After. The seminary also sounds awesome (the biking one, not the boring bee-hum one). ;) I really miss riding my bike. I think when the opportunity presents itself, I´ll just ride my bike everywhere.    

Wow, I am so proud and excited for Josh. That is such happy news. Man, I just am so happy for him. Tell him I couldn´t be more proud and I know he´s made the right decision. 

I loved the scripture and loved the message. Thanks so much for everything, Pop-a-dooodle-doo. Love you!

I lurved the package, so thanks a bundle. It was really great. I also loved the picture, although I can´t say i say the message of the ants. I´ll have to look again. Another happy thing is that I got the package from La-dee. It was awesome. I absolutely loved the pictures of the kids, but the picture of Arie made me cry. She´s not a little girl anymore. Who gave her permission to grow up so fast and turn out so gorgeous? Augh, I can´t believe she´ll be in Young women´s when I get back. I just can´t handle that. Anyway, loved the package so tell La-Deee thanks a million. :)

That reminds me, I just sent my first package to yáll. This package is a test package of rubbage that weighed a fair amount so I can know whether it´s safe to send other things that are not quite so rubbishy. I talked to a bunch of other North Americans who say not to even bother because nothing ever arrives, but I´m trying it anyway. So, if a random pepto bismol box (yep, I sure am the nurse... we plow through that stuff in the mission) shows up addressed to Mumsie and Pop-a-doodle-doo, it´s probably from Honduras. Specifically me. 

Changes of the week, Ana, who has been inactive for 14 years finally came to church and loved it! Also, Joél is reading the book of mormon and is working on finding a new job so he can come to church. :) Baby steps, they may seem, but to me, they are 4 months of work finally paying off. I love my less-active members. I always knew Visiting Teaching was important. Plug for the relief society from Preach my Gospel: Harold B. Lee: ¨Missionary work is but home teaching to those who are not now members of the Church, and home teaching is nothing more or less than missionary work to Church members.¨

That is a cool and happy scripture. I love links between old and new and everything. 

Tell Sister Clayton and Gail I say OOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIY! (Hey!) and I love them. Whenever people see the pictures of the family that I have, I always just classify the picture of Gail and I at the temple as, ¨that´s me and my aunt,¨or some other family description. I´m glad you get to talk to Kathryn about church stuff. She´s such a nice and friendly lady. :)

Tell grandma and grandpa I say hey and I love them oodly bunches. I pray for them all the time and hope everything is good with them. 

It blows my mind that it´s not still summer there. I just. It´s still summer. Here. And will be. Forever. I just can´t quite understand it. haha


Anyway, I hope you are all doing well and that you are loving life. I´m going to sign off now-ish, but first I want to tell you one little story. 


We went to visit family Moncada (Eileen, Hna Romero, the one I met in your house, was there, as were her sisters... the Moncadas are her parents and they´re in my ward here in SPS). Brother Moncada has had very serious health problems and had a very close call in dialysis this week. We sat and talked ot him for a bit and listened as he wept that he wanted to enter the temple one more time before he dies, and he still wants to serve a mission with his wife, and he doesn´t want to leave his greatest treasure, his family behind. I sat there and thought of the faith of this beautiful family,a dn the joy in knowing that, even though when he eventually does leave his family behind, it will only be for a moment because of the sealing promise of the temple. After a bit of time listening and comforting him, we asked him if we could sing a hymn. His wife told us for him, ¨he wants to sing his favorite.¨ We then turned to no. 137¨¨Tu me has dado muchas bendiciones Dios¨ and sang a hymn of gratitud. He wept and wept and wept. I cannot fully understand the unshakeable and determined faith of this dear and beloved family. They are truly a part of my family here in Honduras, and I hope someday to be a little more like them. 


Know I love you all tons and wish you all a very happy Columbus Day. 


Love, The Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria,

*Allan and Julissa with Cathy and Sarah. :)
*Me and family Guzman (minus hna guzman) Hno Guzman wears a periwinkle pooh bear backpack, which is perfect for him, because he reminds me very much of Winnie the Pooh. 
*I know it looks like my arm is around Allan, but no worries... it´s not. 
*Allan and the Hernandez family and Hno Guzman
*Sometimes I forget I´m not Latina. Then I see pictures of me with other people and I think, ¨who is that huge white person?!¨ 
*In the church
*E´ Lui. He´s one of my best friends in the mission. He used to be my district leader. Now he´s my zone leader with E´ Underwood

*Let´s just look at the a new planner and a planner after 6 weeks

*My halloween pumpkin is a mandarin orange with a face drawn on in pen. That´s what´s up in Honduras

*My companion loves her bed. She was hiding from the camera

Hna Bayles

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