Thursday, October 24, 2013

20 Oct 2013

Hola familia!

Disease of the week: amoebic dysentery. That´s what´s up. :) No worries, he´ll be completely fine after these antiparasite pills. 

Another note: a woman from my ward here in SPS is going to be in Las Vegas 16 of November for like 8 days, so if you want to hang out with her or send something back with her, she´d probably be happy and willing to do it. She´s really great. She only speaks spanish, but her son (who will be with her) speaks english. 

This week, we saw two very fat chihuahuas this week. They looked like two very fat overstuffed sausages with huge round eyeballs. They were so chubby and over-excited. We´ve decided that if we continue in SPS, we´re going to be these two little sausage dogs. Companions and all. 


I really enjoyed reading your letter. Thanks for including the clip from Nigil. Man, if I could live in the MTC again, I´d do it. It´s such a spiritual and wonderful place. I had the greatest spiritual experience of my life in the MTC, and I don´t see why anyone wouldn´t want to be there. Man, what a place. I´m glad you´re enjoying the Youth Center. I know it´s a huge responsability, and probably something where you probably don´t see the fruits of your labor, but it´s such a beautiful and important calling. 

By the way, I met the Honduran version of you and she almost made me cry because she reminded me so much of you. 

Thanks for everything. I really am so grateful for your love and support and for everything yoiu´ve done for me. Lots of love. 


I really am pretty healthy here: I know yáll get to hear about the extreme cases, but it really is a pretty healthy place here. Lauren wants another dog, eh? That would be pretty fun. Grandma and Grandpa are always having adventures, eh? Poor things. They just have so many complications in their life right now. I really hope they´re happy and doing well. 

We had that same lesson this last sunday, and it was so good. I´ve heard that story before, but I loved hearing it again. It really testified to me that this church is not the church of any mortal man, but the church of Jesus Christ. That when one leader in the church passes away or has to be released, the church goes on. That to me is such a testimony of the Divine source of this work. Welp, thanks for the letter and for all of your love and support. Love you tons.


I liked what you said about that there is no easy passage through life. I think it was Brigham Young who said that every trial we face is NECESSARY for our exaltation. It really puts things in perspective, eh? 

So, what you´re telling me is that your marriage class was a ¨til death do you part¨ kind of assignment? bhahahahaha. I hope more people start going to your class and learnin how to be more lovey dovey. Tell them to read the family: a proclamation the the world. Then they´ll want to go to your class. 

I´m jealous of your pumpkin cookies. We definitely don´t have an oven. People don´t use ovens here. If they have an oven, they use it as an extra cupboard or pantry. I remember the first time I saw someone pull some groceries out of the oven, followed by a bowl and a spatula. I was so confused. How bout you just make me some pumpkin cookies in like a year. Sounds good. 

That´s funny that you mention the moon. I was looking at it with a grumpy old man named Ramón the other day and he said, ¨You´re parents are looking at that same moon right now, thinking of you.¨ I wonder if you really were looking at it right in that moment. Some day I´ll look at that moon and hope that Honduras is looking back at me. Funny how life does the old switcheroo on you. haha. Anyway, thanks for the letter and the love. Love you lots. 


To finish off, I just want to testify of the power of the fast. We were fasting to find new investigators this week, especially a family. We walked into one investigator´s house and found 3, two of which are part of a (hopefully golden) family that we contacted later in the week. The other is a bit of a funny story. About three months ago, we contacted a woman in the house of algunas investigators. We really wanted to teach her, but had to leave without getting her contact information. We then spent the next two weeks searching for her but never found her. For the last three months, I´ve been looking for her, and last week we walked into this investigator´´s house after fasting to find people who would progress and less than 2 minutes later, she showed up for an impromptu visit, saying she didn´t know why but she just had the thought to visit this person. God works miracles. I don´t know what will happen with this investigator, but I know God has brought her back into my path for a reason, and I intend to find out why. 


I had something else I wanted to tell you, but I can´t for the life of me remember what. Anywya, I hope you´re all happy and well. Love you tons!

Hna Bayles


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