Sunday, November 3, 2013

October 27, 2013


I would like to announce that this week I ate a chicken´s heart and liver (and ascending aorta if we´re being specific), something I´ve never done before. I would like to announce that I liked it. Also, I was extremely surprised by how very similar the chicken´s organs are to human organs. They´re exactly the same, just more tiny (thus more cute? I just don´t know, but that seems to be life rule #347, so I think I´ll stick to it...?). Also, I remember discussing in Physiology classes how very smooth the walls of the heart and arteries are. Little did I know, HE WASN´T KIDDING; those things are so smooth! I also ate a McFlurry this week. Who knew such sophisticated things exist here in Honduras?

I was remember something funny about Concepcion the other day and I couldn´t remember if I´d told yáll or not: Back when Concepcion was still a non-member, we went to visit her one day and found a water bottle looking thing filled with what looked like marijuana. Although it´s not that unusual to see marijuana here, it IS a little strange to see it in the house of your 85-year-old investigator who is working towards baptism, so we asked her, ¨Hey Concepcion, what´s that?¨ She looked at us for half a second and said, ¨Marijuana mixed with alcohol.¨ Oh. Ok. haha. We just looked at her for a minute to see if she was joking or serious, and when she made a slightly embarrased face and laughed a nervous laugh, we knew she wasn´t joking. She later explained that it wasn´t to smoke or drink or anything like that, but that she put it on her joints to make them feel better. She told us it was the ¨natural¨ remedy. hahahahahahaha. Whatcha gonna go? She´s 86 years old, she can do what she wants. hahahahaha

We hiked the CocaCola Mountain today, but the giant Hollywood style letters are down below in an area where you have to walk through ticks, stinging bugs, spiders the size of your hand, and poisonous snakes to get to them, so we just took pictures from the lookout above them. By the way, I saw the hugest spider ever today. Also, I saw a poisonous snake fly out of the monte (scrub? I don´t remember how to say it in English) and attack a bearded lizard who was running across the dirt path on his two back legs. My life is so Discovery channel. Or maybe Animal Planet. I also saw a goat today. 

Finally, yesterday I had the incomparable pleasure of hearing one of my recent converts giving a talk about the priesthood yesterday. He also asked the bishop for a calling in the church because he wants to serve. That is what I like to call Pilas.  :)

[In response to specific items within emails:]
scooter? Man oh man, I would give my left foot for that little piece of beauty. Augh. Also, I would give my left foot for full-time missioaries who search out people to teach. Man-oh-man. How awesome is that. Those little baby-folk sound pretty awesome. Thanks for the scriptures and the love!

Halloween weekend sounds like it was pretty fun. But isn´t halloween this week? Hmmm? I was thinking about the foam ghosts in the entryway and the spiderwebs all over the house. I´m bummed that they don´t really celebrate halloween here, but I´ll get another one some day. Remind me that I´m going to dress up as the sunkist raisin girl next halloween (one of the elders told me that I´m her hahahahaa). Elise´s tuotle and Noah´s donkey donk sound so cute. I miss those lil guys. Autumn. What is that? Oh man. Thanks for the love and support!

Woah-ho-ho]! That´s really cold [40 degrees F]. When I come into the office, I almost can´t stand the air conditioning. And that´s like, 75 degrees. Soooo coooooold. That´s cool that you got to go up to Parawon and that you´ll get to see grandma and grandpa. Take good care of my scoot scoot. You know how I love that thing. Hey, thanks for errthing! Lovesies. 



Hna Bayles

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