Saturday, December 7, 2013

November 11, 2013

Hey fam, 

I`m sorry I haven`t really written much lately. It`s just been a very busy and crazy time. It`s been a super frustrating couple of weeks, but I`m doing alright. I`m glad you got the package. That means I can try sending more stuff.  :) The statue actually isn`t quetzaltenango, it`s a copy of one of the mayan carvings in copan. And I`m glad you liked the maracuya... I``m sorry I couldn`t send you the real stuff like I`m drinking here, but I`m glad you enjoyed the fake thing. haha. 

These last few weeks have been really hard weeks for us. A lot is changing in the mission. Lies. A lot is changing for me in the mission. Cambios are this week, and I am almost positive we`ll have changes. I think I`ll probably stay in my same area, but I think I`ll have a new comp. Even if I change areas, I`ll still be in San Pedro. The nurse is pretty much stuck in the city. haha. But it`s alright. Aside from a few undesireable things, it`s really nice being in san pedro. I really love getting to interact with President and Hna Dester. They were in Guatemala this last week, and it was surprising to me how much I missed seeing them and talking to them. That`s one blessing of being the nurse, that I get to interact with them every now and then. 

I finally got the Halloween package; thanks so much! My comp was so excited for the candy too. We`ve been gobbling it. 

Welp, here`s a picture of me in my new SPS futbol jersey. 
Sounds like you all ahve had a fun week and everyhting. I`m glad you`re getting to have visits and everything. I wish I could see all yàll, but I`m glad you`re getting to spend some quality time with the little guys. 

I honestly don`t know what to write you all right now. We`ve been finding a lot of new investigators, but the majority of them only progress for a week or two and then they don`t want anything. Anyway, we are always looking for new people and always working to help the ward and the people here. Our planned baptisms just fell through. One of them is moving to Copan suddenly, so he won`t get baptized. The other is moving to La Lopez, so she also won`t get baptized. The other`s mom just prohibited her from listening to us anymore and she asked us not to come back. That`s always fun. But we`re working hard and hoping to work more integratedly with the members. 


Tell Andrea and Jim and Eileen thanks for writing me. Thanks for writing me to yàll too. I really love hearing from you every week. I`ll try to write more next week, but for now, that`s about all I`ve got.  

Have a great week. Love yàll. 


Hna Bayles

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