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December 2, 2013

Happy December! Woah it`s weird. I`m coming up on one year being a missionary this week. I just can`t quite remember what it`s like to be anything other than a missionary. hahaha. I sent two packages last week with my nativities from the photos. I`ll be sending more nativities (or whatevers) by request in the coming weeks, although I can`t promise that they`ll get there by Christmas. But no worries, they`ll still be good by next Christmas. :)


Concepcion`s glasses are basically two magnifying glasses in a plastic rim. I wanted a picture of her in them, because it`s absolutely adorable, but I figured this is ALMOST adorable... hahahahahaha
There are lots of dead things in Honduras, so there are also lots of vultures.
Sometimes in life, the dog is just sitting on the car. Nobody really knows why.  

Anyway, this week has been, well, fast. This weeks medical endeavors included many things, as always, but more than anything, we enjoying many wild animal experiences this week. To borrow a page from Zippy: a short list of things that bit my missionaries this week: dogs (of course), a rat, bugs bugs bugs, a giraffe. Let me just explain the giraffe, because it is one of the more entertaining calls I received this week. The call went like this:

Missionary: Well... you see... something happened today

Bayles:Uhhhh huuuuuuuuh...? Digame

M: Well you see, I was at the zoo when a giraffe came up to us. 

B: uhh huuuuuh

M: And it kind of started licking me

B: uhh huh?

M: And its tongue was really scratchy

B: ohh?

M: And it`s tongue kind of scratched me on my arm.

B: Oh, that`s... weird. 

M: Ya. I was just wondering, what should I do for that?

B: Hmmm. Good question. Have you cleaned it up at all?

M: uhhhhh no. 

B: Ok, first thing, clean the area with soap and water. 

M: So what you`re saying is I should take a shower. 

B: No, just wash your arm really well.

M: well... it kind of licked my head too. 

B: ... What?

M: Yeah...

B: And how exactly did that happen?

M: Well, it started licking all the way up my arm and eventually reached my head, and then I think it liked my head better, so it kept licking it. 

B: ....

M: And then I think it thought my hair was straw or something, cause it started nibbling on my hair with its soft soft lips. 

B: And you let it?

M: ...well, I got a really great picture!


Welcome to my daily life. hahahahahaha. I`ll send the picture if he ever let`s me get my hands on it. It had better be a great one. 


The other bite that was slightly more tragic was a dog bite. Some poor sister got bit by a dog last week. When you get bit by a dog, you have to keep an eye out for the dog for 7 days, because a dog without rabies can`t live more than 7 days. If the dog is still alive after 7 days, you probably don`t need the rabies vaccine. Anyway, she was on the 7th day of observation and saw that the dog was alive and well. She was celebrating oh-so-happily when another (more vicious) dog attacked her just down the street. You`ve gotta love the mangy dogs of Honduras. 


Today I was part of a nursing video conference that included all of the missions in Central America. Technology really is amazing. They were saying that one in three missionaries gets sick in CA within the first three months (and that only includes REPORTED incidents haha). We`ve got a lot of work to do here. 


Anyway, on to responding to y├áll. 


It almost blows my mind that 2014 is almost here. It also kind of freaks me out that I`m coming up on my 2nd Christmas as a missionary. I must admit, Christmas in the mission is a very different experience than in the home (just as Thanksgiving is VERY different here). Thanks in advance for the package. As far as the deer, the white tailed something-or-other deer is the national animal of Honduras. I`ll tell you what though. I`ve seen snakes, lizards, turtles, vultures, eagles, wild cats, spiders bigger than my head, all kinds of birds, a cavy, dolphins, crabs, and all other manner of wildlife, but I have yet to see a deer. haha. Cold, what is cold? haha Just kidding. We actually had a cold snap for this entire week. It rained for 6 days straight without stopping and did a cold sooooo cold that I couldn`t even sleep at night. haha. We were walking in the street shivering in our summer clothes and sandals as we experienced humid-cold (something I can now testify is real). I think I actually prefer melting to the sidewalk. haha. I really liked all the quotes, and I liked your ringworm trivia. One does not normally get ringworm from cats, but someone suggested that the cats here are carriers (and you can tell because of their ugly bald patches). haha. What luck I have. hahaha Thanks for the letter and thanks for all of your love and support. Love you!


It was definitely weird being away for Thanksgiving. I was thinking about Thanksgiving and everything it means to me, and it was weird to spend it here, where no one understands the beauty of Thanksgiving. I was trying to explain to my companion that it`s not about the food, but she didn`t get it. She thinks Gringos are weird and crazy and too serious (although she says I break the mold... except the weird and crazy bit). I bet it was awesome seeing errbody for thanksgiving. I`ll be excited to be there for the next one. Anyway, love you lots! Take care. Oh, btw, I definitely don`t remember my pin... I tried every combination I could think of, but I don`t remember at all. Either that or my card just doesn`t work here, but I`m pretty sure it`s the PIN business. 


No worries about the Thanksgiving plump; I guarantee it`s nothing compared to the Hondurans-love-me-a-little-too-much plump. Yeah. Try running that one off. hahaha No worries about the ringworm, it`s almost gone now. I`ll tell Hna Reyes Ooooiiii! for you, but I must say, she`s definitely not accustomed to the nursing schedule. She absolutely despises it. hahaha. I`d love to say she handles it with grace, but she just outright hates it, poor thing. It definitely takes some patience and some adjusting. Thanks for the scripture in Romans. I love that one. I almost sent my shoes home to get bronzed when I was in Olanchito, but I just ended up throwing them away. I almost regret that now. They were fabulously pathetic. As far as the Nativities go, I have only heard back from LaDee. Tell the sibs I`ll only be able to buy them for another week or two, so if they want one, they`ve gotta get on it! haha. Thanks for everything! Love you tons!


Welp, I do believe that`s all for now. I`ll try sending some pics. Love you all oodles!



Hermana Bayles 


p.s. I just learned: quick commands on keyboards don`t work on Spanish keyboards. For example, when you select all and hit CTRL C to copy the letter you just spent 45 minites to write your family, it deletes the letter. Happily, the Spirit showed me the undo button and I stopped freaking out. :) Ciao


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