Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Oh man. I wish I could tell you all half of what I have to tell you all. Time. goes. way. too. fast. I tried to get an extension again, but I`ve been shut down for about the millionth time... I guess that means they`ve received revelation or something that I`ve gotta be in the States for the 4th of July. Apparently the Bayles celebration is internationally recognized as being unmissable. I will be home in a month. I look at that sentece written on the screen and I don`t believe it. What`s more, I don`t want to believe it. The mission is the biggest blessing and the greatest joy of my whole life. I think it will be a big challenge and trial for me to have to leave it behind. 

We always match accidentally. Especially Hna Marley and I. She hated it when we were comps. hahahahaha


Hna Marley (my excomp) Hna Zelada Me Hna Robles (current comp)
Let me tell you a little about the most blessed person in the world:

She wakes up every morning at the buzzing of what is possibly the most annoying alarm clock in the world. Really she`s already been up since 5:30 because her downstairs neighbors have to get kids to school and husbands to work and doggies to the tree. She understands. She blinks for half a second then sits up and starts and starts a non-stop stream of babbling to her still-not-entirely-conscious companion, but her companion is a good sport about it and sits there mostly listening to her with bleary eyes and giving grunted responses. They hit their knees then start a very sleepy workout session. They shower, get dressed, then eat a fruity breakfast while they study. They answer the phone a lot because people are always sick and nobody respects study time. They keep studying and studying. They practice and re-practice. They pray then pray again (and again and again and again......). They brush their teeth, drink water, put on their dusty shoes and walk out the door, thanking God for one more day to wear a plastic name badge. They walk. They talk. They teach. They serve. (They answer a lot of phone calls). They get yelled at. They get jeered at. They get whistled at. They get cat called. They get doors slammed in their faces. They get dogs set on them. The come very close to getting hit by cars about 14 times a day. They sweat until they have to wipe their faces with a rag, then 5 minutes later, they have to wipe themselves again. The sun goes down and they keep on going. They finish the day and enter the house completely filthy, smelly, and slightly wilted. They pray they plan they pray. They clean their dusty muddy feet. They answer a lot of phone calls. They study and chat and maybe eat food. They hit their knees. They sleep.

I dare you to find a more blessed person in the whole world.
I dare you to find a happier person in the whole world.


I thank the Lord every day for one more day to be a missionary.

Take care of yourselves and know that I love yàll.

Lots and lots of Love

Hna Bayles, the most blessed person in the whole wide world.  

Sometimes you just have to yell at a monkey. But look... he loves me.

This is Pancho. This is a picture of him caught in the act of licking my arm.
How embarrassing. for him. haha

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