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December 9, 2013

Sorry these blogs were late posting!

Dear family, 

We´re still in the paper age here. For example, they still vote by hand (well, by paper) so for the next three days after elections they all had ink on their pinky fingers from proving their identity. haha.
It is indeed hard to fit teaching and serving and contacting into the busy schedule of being the nurse, but we´re getting it done just fine. Honestly my first priority is still finding and teaching, just sometimes the sicklings get in the way (actually they get in the way a lot haha). 

Sometimes the Lord gives us big shoes, but it always nice to look back and see that you´ve fit the bill.

It´s always hard for me to be a part of sending a missionary home. I´ve had to send home quite a few, and it´s always a big struggle which requires lots of prayer and fasting. And no matter what comes of it, it always makes me a little sad to watch them go.
I forget that coldness exists, honestly. I´m sweating as I write this. haha (you all wanted to know that, I´m sure). I put up some decorations myself, although not many. Also, I have cambios this week, so all of that work was for nothing. haha. 

Christmas doesn´t feel like it´s coming up. Maybe it´s because it´s a million degrees with humidity or maybe it´s because I´m not really thinking about Christmas. Who knows? People here are crazy about Christmas, though. They eat tamales like crazy, they shoot off fireworks every 2 seconds, they put up so many Christmas decorations. It´s great. They also burn-blow up a piñata on new years eve to burn the old year and welcome the new. The piñata is normally made to be  a man, the devil, or the current political leader. hahahaha. Hondurans are so crazy and I love it.

I have no idea what time zone I´m writing on right now... I just know that right this instant it´s 5:16 and by the time I send this it will probably be like 5:45 or 6. I´ll let you know what goes down as we get closer to hablando, though. I hope. 

I´m glad mom´s song went well. She always does  agreat job. Yay for work being over! :) I did see the Christmas Devotional, but I watched it in Spanish, which always makes it different. It was good though. Thanks for everything.

We had a good Sunday. It was stake conference, so that was pretty chill. That´s great that Kathryn went to church with you. That´s one thing I regret more than anything: not sharing the gospel with more people before the mission. I look back now and think of some of my friends and they were practically begging to know about the church and I just didn´t get it. I always tell the members here, we should share the gospel like we share food. We are willing to tell people, ¨Hey , I just tried this new plac eand the food is AMAZING. I loved it so much. you should definitely go. In fact, I´ll take you! Let´s go right now:¨ And yet, when it comes to something so much more important and everlasting than food, we are timid and embarassed and shy about sharing. We should invite people to church like we invite people to eat; after all, isn´t it so much better than a burger?

I will get those nativities and I will keep an eye out for the packages. The cloth may be different for the different nativities, so you´ll just have to duke it out. haha. 

Angie is in labor?!!! Don´t you think about 6 months ago you should have told me that Angie is pregnant before telling me she´s in labor?! hahahaha Holy Cow! That´s great! I´m going to have a new adoptive niece! Woah! That´s awesome. :) Glad you said something, cause otherwise I´d get home and be like, who´s taht baby? Who else is marrying or pregnant?

I´m glad Elise is ok. Taht´s sad that she fell, but I guess that´s a part of getting up, eh? Que scary. 

I just barely received a letter from J_____, although with cambios this week, I don´t know when I´ll be able to respond.

Thanks for the love and support, I love you lots. 

Anyway, I hope you are all doing well and that you´re loving life. Smile big and laugh hard for me. Love you all lots. 

Hna Bayles         

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