Tuesday, April 22, 2014

March 17, 2014

Hola Familia,

Honestamente, no sé que escribir hoy, entonces lo siento por el correo aburrido que están a punto de leer. Pues si. 

Thanks for the St Patty´s Day wish. I´m about a million percent sure they don´t celebrate it here, and it´s probably a very

good thing, because I can just imagine how much the overly-flirtatious men here would love a good chance to pinch a gringa. Haha.

I´m sad to hear that Enoch still isn´t doing too great. I´ve been praying for that little guy and I hope he feels better soon. I was also sad to hear about Debbie´s fall. I hadn´t heard about it except that someone had written a pitiful one-liner that said something like ¨Debbie is in recovery, keep praying.¨ I´ll definitely be praying for her.

I´m slightly bummed about the housing bit, but I feel just fine about applewood. I´d say upstairs would be my choice, but downstairs would be fine too. Yes, I´ve lived without ac for a year and change, but people who visit me will not be so well-accustomed to the heat, so I think something where I can cool it down would be better. Who knows? Whatever´s just great. Chelsea is super expensive, and as I am increasingly poorer every day, I think the cheaper the better. You know what they say: once you´ve lived in Applewood, you never really leave. I think I´d prefer an upstairs apartment, but if you can´t get it, it´s alright.

That´s awesome that the missionaries are looking for me. But my question is: why did it take them 15 months of supposed inactivity to look for me? Plancheros. Hahahaha. As far as the Mother´s Day call, that´s like 2 months out. Paaaaleeeease. Haha. But yeah, I´ll probably call. Don´t worry about it. We´ll see when we get there. I swear the family is always more baggy than the missionary. Hahahahahahahaha

As far as Katerin´s baptism… it didn´t happen. I was so disappointed. It will still happen, but not yet. The thing that makes me sad is that I might not be there for the baptism, so that´s a bummer, but all in the Lord´s time.

I liked the thought about the sacrament. It´s amazing to me that one of the most sacred ordinances we participate in is also the ordinance that we perform in front of every single other member of the church. It´s incredible.

Last week our teacher in Relief Society asked everyone, ¨how would you act if Christ were here in the church with us?¨ Then she walked over to the sacrament table and pointed at the table cloth and said, ¨Christ is right here every week. Act like it.¨  It was awesome and it made me think a little differently about the sacrament.

It´s been a lamb in Honduras… until today. Now it´s a lion. It´s super windy today, which is a little bit unusual.

Well, aside from that, it´s been a rough week, but I think this next week will be better. We have changes this week and I´m pretty sure my comp and I will have changes, which makes me really sad. We´re going to be friends forever. I already know it. And the thought that we won´t be companions any more seriously makes me sad. She´s been a great friend and a great companion. I´ll miss her for sure. The good thing is, because we´re hermana leaders, there are only two areas where we could end up and two people who could be our companions, and we´ll still be in the same zone. That won´t be soooo bad. 

Anyway, have a great week. Love yáll. 

Hna Bayles 

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