Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 7, 2014

That's so cool that you got to go to conference in the conference center. I bet it was awesome. Conference both made me very excited and very nervous. You´re right in saying that they gave a lot of warnings about the power of adversity in these days and strengthening ourselves now. That makes me excited because it means Christ is coming soon. However, it makes me nervous because it means that some day I´m going to have to raise children in a world that is even more scary than the world of today and that absolutely terrifies me. Battling the adversary is hard enough on a personal level, but add on top of that the responsibility of future souls of God and that´s just scary. Hahaha.

I liked your story about Bailey and about Brian and the varmint. Sounds like life is ever exciting. J


This week the only weird diseases we had were a wicked bad parasite and what we thought was MRSA but ended up being a Strep infection. The poor kid with the strep looked an awful lot like 2 face from batman. I´d send you the pics but it´s a total HIPAA violation.

That´s cool that you got to see Grandma and Grandpa. Tell them to hang in there and remember their promise to be at my homecoming ;).  Better yet, tell ém they´ve gotta be in my wedding and first baby birth. That´ll tide us over for a decade or so.

I think that´s funny that mom´s an iphone junkie. Haha. I can just imagine. Does she listen to all of my music that was still on the phone? I hope you all haven´t thrown it all out (or the music on my computer). That collection of music is a masterpiece of years of my life (and many of my college grocery budgets hhaaha).

It´s true what you say about the spotlight bit. I remember in young women´s they always drew a V on the floor and asked us to walk the 2 paths as long as we could with one foot on each path. In the end we always had to choose a path or end up sprawled and split-legged on the floor. I never really thought it was true until now. I´m beginning to see the truth in the fact that we cannot walk with one foot in the world and one foot in the path of ]God. It´s just the real-life application that´s difficult.

Applewood is my past and my future. Sign me up.

How long is La Dee going to be in France?



So… you´re jury folk for real, eh? That´s pretty awesome. Don´t worry about missing part of Conference. I missed my favorite speakers because our bishop told us it was going to be broadcast in our building (but it wasn´t) and we had to travel 30 minutes to get to the stake center. Also, I still have  a cold, so I was kind of a zombie in the other sessions. Don´t really know if I got as much out of it as I should have liked. Hahahha. The good thing is, it was awesome. My poor comp was like, [they´re speaking Spanish wayyyyy too fast!¨ I think sometimes we forget how slowly Hondurans speak. I´m used to fast talk, though, so it was fine.

I liked the CS Lewis quotes. He seems like a very good man. Some day I+d like to meet him. I´ll just bet we end up crossing paths in the spirit world.

Your week sounds hectic as does jury duty. A jury of our peers seems like a great idea until suddenly we´re responsible for the life and future of someone else. I know you´ll make a good call and I hope the other jurers will too.

Wow, the sobrinos sounds really cute. I want to see them all! Some day I will. Wow, Greg is going to the U! Wowsers! Little does he know I might also end up going to the U in a year or two haha. That´ll be three utes that bleed blue in the family. That´s awkward haha. What will he be studying there? I always forget. Is Andrew going to keep living in Utah or is he going to the East coast-Canada?


Hope you all are well and happy. There´s a slight chance I won´t be able to write next Monday, but I think we´ll work something out. I´ll be leaving the city on another medical tour to see some of the outlying clinics and some other things. I´ll send pics ;). Lauren will love them and be jealous… I won´t say any more because I´m not allowed to, but the pics will tell all.

Lesson I learned this week: It is not meet for a ma(re)n to run faster than (s)he has strength. If you want to be an efficient saw, you can´t just keep sawing and sawing and sawing. You´ve gotta take time to sharpen the saw.

Anyway, love you all oodly doodlies. I hope you have a great week and that you preach the gospel.


Hna Bayles

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