Tuesday, April 22, 2014

30 March 2014

[In response to Salt Lake people writing about weather:]  Wowsers, snow. I sweated so much this week I`m pretty sure they`re going to dedicate a lake to me. You wouldn`t believe how hot it is here… it`s getting to be the very hottest part of the year and I just don`t even remember what snow is like.

We did get to go to the women`s conference, but I didn`t get to enjoy it very much as I was a little bit sick. It was super great, though. The only thing I didn`t like was that they put so many pretty videos and songs… I mean really, they should have just handed out tissues as we walked in the door. It was ridiculous. I was the only one that brought tissues, which means I could have put up a business, but I figured we were in the church so it probably wasn`t appropriate.

Breathing moments? I don`t even know what those are. Haha. This last week I lost two days to the visiting AMA (which I report with gratitude, not complaining… he`s great), two days to divisions, and one day to being sick. It was not a great week for la obra misional.

We see a lot of problems with less actives here. In a ward of 600 enlisted members, usually only 120 are active members. That is why I am confined to being a less-active reactivating missionary for… ever. Haha. I love it, though.

Thanks for the quotes, I really liked them. J


How ironic that everyone asked about my health the one time I`ve had to stay home for being sick in 15 months. Haha. I`m fine though, no worries. Tell them I am well and happy and tan. Hahaha. I`ve started using sunscreen a lot more because I talked to some white people the other day and I realized that I`m getting tan and I don`t want skin cancer. The thing is that I thought I was still white because compared to everyone else I`m a marshmallow.

In talking to the AMA this week, he asked about my future plans and he told me something that has a lot to do with what you said about having to deal with boredom and monotony. He told me basically what you`ve always told me, but for some reason it struck me different this time. He said, ^really it doesn`t matter which specialty you go into, so long as you love it. You have to be able to do it every day for the rest of your life.^ Wow. That`ll get you thinking a little harder. Maybe I really will go into cardiology then. Errbody knows I love a  good heart and circulatory system.


Man, I think it will be hard not to spoil the Missionaries in the future, because I`ll look at those poor things and say, ^Man, I know exactly what kind of day you had today.^ I`ll have to remind myself that they still have to do their thing, cause otherwise I`ll just try to take care of them. Especially if there are sisters in the ward.

Easter here is… a week long. Everybody leaves for the beach because no one has to work. Everyone sits around eating sea food and watching Jesus movies. Then they do a bunch of HORRIBLE reenactments of the crucifixion in the streets of the big cities. It`s kind of ridiculous. Here it`s basically an excuse to get drunk and party and to pretend like they`re celebrating Christ. It`s a bit blasphemous really. It`s also the hottest week of the whole year, supposedly. But it`s nice. J



Look at you, you good citizen-jury-member you. Haha Man, what would happen if someone got called to jury duty in the mission? Weird.

My new comp had a bit of a big-eyed moment when she saw everything that I have to do on  a daily basis. I think it would be fair to say she was in shock. She`s getting used to it now though. I was joking with her that I`m just like spider man, but instead of getting bit by the whatever spider that he got bit by, I was bit by a nurse spider. Hhahhahaha. Look up pics in google. They`re some pretty intense looking things from what I remember.

Tell Gail and Bill I say Hi. I have a picture of Gail in my photo album here and I always show her to people and tell them she`s my aunt (or whatever other family title that comes out in the moment). They always say, ^wow, you`re even huge in your country.^ Yup. Yup I am. Hahaha.

That`s pretty cool about the sacrament. It`s an interesting way to think about it.

That`s great that Debbie is getting her PT. I hope she`s getting back some strength and usage. As far as Jason goes, I didn`t realize that that was a part of being a chiropractor. That`s pretty intense. Man, I hope he heals soon.

Applewood 5 sounds like the place of my dreams. Sign the contract and we`ll have it over with. Thanks for all your (plural) help in that. I know it was a pain, but I appreciate it.

Here`s to hanging on for dear life (o sea, enduring to the end hahaha). It`s a blast and I`ll be devastated when it ends.

Wish Grandma (and grandpa) a happy birthday for me.

Love you all tons

Take caresies,

Hna Bayles

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