Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Final week in the US!

Me and my companions the day we accidentally matched
 Me and my district in like our first week

p.s. Elders in my district (L->R)
Cooley, Pedro, Reid, Johnson, Olson, Doyle, McCloy, Welker. They're not as grumpy as they look.

 Hna Carpenter and I
 Me with my German sister, Hna Jeromin
Hnas in my zone: Carpenter, Despain, Hansen
Ball, Bayles, Jeromin
Hna Hansen the other is missing.

Como estan? Espero que todo esta bien y que ustedes estan muy feliz. Tambien, espero que estan en buen salud. :)

I'm definitely excited for Honduras. I can't let myself think about it too much, otherwise i'll get distracted. I'm just so excited. :) My companions are freaking out a little bit. They're both super nervous about getting into the field, but they're going to do great. I have had to be the level-headed one in the companionship though. Haha.  There's been so much snow and ice lately... it's going to be weird going from that to hot and humid. Sometimes I wonder if the people I meet will have ever even seen snow. I'll show them pictures if not.

Thanks for sharing that conference thought. It's so true and so lovely. President Eyring has always been one of my favorites (if one is allowed to have favorites when it comes to apostles). It's been on my mind a lot about how important it is to serve others and give your life over to helping others.
Thanks for all your love and support. I love you!

I've been lucky (let's face it: BLESSED) enough to dodge the sicknesses that have been circulating the MTC the whole time I've been here. A couple of times it hit epidemic level as far as the MTC is concerned, but I've been healthy the whole time. I'm just holding out for these last 6 days or so so I can fly out when I'm supposed to. Pray that I don't catch anything. haha
The MTC food has been fine. It's awesome not having to worry about shopping for/preparing meals. It's a lot more greasy than I'm used to, and I'm semi-psychotic for vegetables b/c they don't tend to plate up as many veggies as I like to have, but it's all good and it's been just fine. It's probably good preparation for not being able to eat many veggies in Honduras. I've also been stocking up on milk while I'm here, cause I'm gonna miss it. Haha.

I've been so blessed, and those blessings remind me that I'm being blessed because I'm doing the Lord's work. It's kind of a nice thought.
No word from my mission. I'll be surprised if they even pick me up from the airport! haha Es un chiste. But really. haha. I'm traveling with Hna Carpenter and two elders, so I'll be just fine. You wanna hear something funny? Well, first off, they're not releasing me as coordinating sister until I leave... apparently they like me or something, cause I've been in for 6 (?) weeks, and they normally only keep them for 2-3. haha. How funny of them. But the REALLY funny thing is that they made me flight leader for the 4 of us who are traveling together. It's not anything prestigious or exciting, it just cracks me up because I know NOTHING about airports, flying, going out of country, or keeping track of two very rambunctious (spellin???) elders hahaha. I guess they didn't know what they were getting into when they gave me that assignment. Haha. That reminds me: I got my flight plans last friday.

Essentially, I get to travel for a total of 16 hours. Who knew? But not too much of that time will be in the air, and I'm glad to have a layover to give me a little wiggle room. Once we get out of SLC we'll be golden, but we're a little worried about ice storms and taking off. Should be fine, though. We go on the wings of the Lord. (metaphorically speaking, of course. He doesn't quite have wings).

BTW, the hermana with the concussion left 3 weeks ago... hahaha. She's fine as far as I know.
All is well. :)

Everything else is good to go. Thanks for everything. I'll talk to you later! Love y'all.

Hna Bayles
p.s.Tell Greg thanks so much for the Dear Elders. I know I haven't been great about responding; I wish I had more time to write letters back to people, but I just run out of time every single pday. I really do appreciate them, though, and I'm glad to hear that he's doing well and loving Russia. It's weird to think that he's on a different continent, but I'm happy for him.

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