Friday, January 11, 2013

Jan 2 2013

How are y''all? I''m good, the only thing that could change that is that there''s been a bit of excitement over the stomach flu here at the MTC. None of my companions has gotten it yet, but there''s still a chance. haha. All is well, though.

Still a threesome. Being coordinating sister this week has been interesting to say the least. There were a couple of issues with a few of the sisters in the zone, which kept me busy, and kept my mind plenty occupied, but all of tat has been resolved and everyone is content. the only other problem has been the stomach flu business, which has hit 3 of the 4 other hermanas. haha. Needless to say, I''ve had duties to complete this week, but it''s a wonderful opportunity and a wonderful calling.

The MTC does a pretty good job of fattening people up. I''m pretty sure I''m just about the same, though. haha. Some of the other members of our zone aren''t so lucky. haaha

The Spanish is coming, day by day. I think I''m doing really well until I remember that I won''t be able to speak Spanglish if I get stuck. Its crazy to think that I''ll be giving up English entirely in just a month. On the other hand, what better language than my native tongue to give it up for? haha

Alright, I only have just a bit of time more, so I''ll only say a few more things. Today we got to go to the temple. Today was the first day it reopened. I forgot how much I missed it and how much I love it. The temple is truly a house of God, and I love when I get to visit my Father''s home. It brings such a feeling of peace and calm assurance, the same feeling I get when I go to my Vegas home, except magnified by millions.

On Dec. 26, yours truly was in the Deseret News. My picture is in the article about Russell M. Nelson visiting the missionaries on Christmas. You can find it on LDS. org and look at my face. Eileen, you''ll recognize the skirt I''m wearing. :)  [See Jan 9 2013 blog for link and picture].

 This week, I had my first ""holy cow, I''m really a missionary and I know what it means to be one"" moment. I wrote it out in a leter to Ari, and I meant to write it here, but I honestly don''t have time. Maybe you can get her to send you a copy once she receives it in the mail.

My time is disappearing, so I''ll end with this: I love you all, mucho mucho mucho! Have a great week, and keep the faith.

Love and love and love,


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