Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 23, 2013 Miracles Never Cease

I did have quite the week last week, but it was a great one. No need to call myself Ma Bayles the younger... my companions were already calling me hermana mom. All of the sisters and completely well again. The ones who left last week (which is all but my companionship) were all well and excited to be off. We're now officially the "oldies" of the zone, which is weird, because I remember how I looked at the oldies of the zone when I arrived and it's a very different view from this perspective.

It has been such a blessing to hear from the general authorities here at the MTC. We heard from the primary general president (sister Wixom?) in RS on sunday, which was awesome. She gave such a great talk; I just don't have my notebook with specifics here right now. Last night we heard from Elder Evans of the 70. He gave a great talk on faith and miracles, and his wife spoke about exact obedience. Both were a pleasure, but I especially loved the bit about miracles. I think a lot of the time, people think that miracles only belong in the Bible, and that modern day miracles don't exist. As "Mormons," we clearly acknowledge modern day miracles, but I think even Latter-Day Saints can get caught up in excusing miracles as "luck" or "coincidence." I think the reason people of old times recorded so many more miracles than we modernly do is because 1) they had the eyes to see them and 2) they had the faith to stick to their experiences. The tragedy of the modern world is that people see a miracle and think, "oh, I'm having a lucky day," or, worse yet, they fail to see the miracle at all. However, I think it's important to look for and recognize miracles daily. Yes, daily. Even tiny moments can be enormous miracles. You're driving your car and you think, "I could use some gas. I'll just stop now instead of later." You pull into the station and an accident occurs at the light and you think, "boy I'm sure glad I pulled over," and go on your merry way. What we don't realize in that situation is that you've just experienced a miracle. Whether you see it or not, the Lord guided you to do something as simple as fill up the tank, and you didn't even realize it. What a blessing, and what a tragedy that we couldn't see it for what it really was. Miracles happen every moment of every day, and anyone who says otherwise simply isn't looking hard enough. I know this is true. I know because I've experienced it in my life. I've experienced miracles on a daily basis. Some of them go completely unnoticed. Some of them can't help but be noticed. But miracles are omnipresent in every day life. If we can open our eyes and see the blessings all around us, we'll find that we are chosen, favored, and loved by the Lord (and don't you think differently!).

In addition to recognizing miracles, I've found how important it is to record and remember those miracles. So often we'll experience a miracle, and maybe even recognize it, but in later years, or even days, we look back and doubt the divinity of the moment. I think that's one of the greatest failings of man, is that his memory is short when it comes to spiritual experiences. And who can blame him? It seems as though the very moment we recognize and acknowlege a miracle, some seed of doubt is planted in our mind: what that really a miracle, or was it just luck? Did that really happen, or am I just imagining it? Was that the hand of the Lord in my life, or was that just me? I testify, any time you even think you've witnessed a miracle, you've absolutely witnessed a miracle. The scriptures (Moroni 7 in the Book of Mormon) tell us that anything that is good comes from God. Wherefore can ye doubt? If something good happens to you, it's from God... it's that simple. A good idea, a good mood, a good moment, a good day... they all come from God. And, in my opinion, any time we see the workings of God in our lives, it's a miracle. I can't really keep ranting about this, because I have a very limited amount of time to write, but I would encourage anyone who doubts that they can witness miracles to take a day, even just a few moments, and see if you can't find something the Lord has done for you recently. I guarantee, you'll find something. It may be small; it may even feel miniscule, but you'll find it. I know that much is true.

On another note, Mumsita y Faja, I think your calling sounds glorious, and I bet you will both be excellent at it. Make me proud. hahaha. :)

On another another note, I believe Kirk's birthday is this week, which means: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRK! If I'm making that all up in my head, just ignore it. Otherwise, WOOHOO! (by the way, familia, I would still LOVE a birthday calendar for mis friendolas y familia.....).

Ummmm other than that, nothing much is new. The 6 new hermanas are doing well. They're still warming up to things around here, but they're going to be great. I get 4 more hermanas today, and I'm so stoked about it.

Anyway, I love you all and I hope that you have a great week. Thanks for being the best family a gal could hope for. :)


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