Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jan 16 2013 Slippery Sisters!


This is going to be fast because 1) we only ever have 30 min total and 2) I'm in charge of 6 new hermanas as of today. I had to say bye to the other hermanas yesterday (which was really sad). I didn't realize how close we'd all gotten until it was time to say goodbye and we were all really sad. But someday we'll all meet again, if not in this life in the next.

This week has been ridiculous as far as being coordinating sister goes. Let me just give a vague breakdown of what happened in my life in the last 6 days:

-2 hermanas went to the ER. One was my companion hermana Hansen (for a stomach bug that caused some serious problems in her life), which meant that I got a total of 4 hours of sleep last friday night. You see, we went to the hospital around 8, she was on drugs and hooked to an iv by 9/9:30, and Hna Carpenter and I were awake and keeping an eye on her while she slept until the doctors figured out what was going on. We finally got home around 2:15 am, so we got to bed around 2:30. However, we still had to wake up at 6:30 (except Hna Hansen who was clearly not expected to do any such thing). While we were walking back to the residence at 2:15 am, I stepped on the most slippery ice of my life and totally went flat out on my back. It hurt and I bunged up my knee, but I'm completely fine. The only reason this is important is because the next day I was walking past the spot I slipped telling the other Hna hansen about how bad I had fallen right there the night before and she decided to walk right there, which led to the second hospital visit. She hit her head as she fell and got a concussion.

-1 hermana has lost both her mother and sister, and the anniversary for her mother's birthday and her sister's death were both this week. Also, this same hna was sick, so I needed to take care of her quite a bit.

-1 hermana went through some very big problems this week, meaning that I had to be there for her and help her out. I won't go into detail for her sake, but I missed a lot of class and sleep over it (but I was happy to do it). Sadly, she went home yesterday through no fault of her own, and I'm still trying to put out the fires on that one.

-4 hermanas left yesterday, meaning I had to supervise check out for them.

-My other companion also got sick, which meant that I was taking care of both of them at once. We ended up going to the urgent care to get them taken care of, but let's just say I did a lot of mothering this week. Hna Carpenter was mostly just sick from being up so late at the hospital, so she was only sick for a day and a half. However, Hna Hansen was sick for the whole week, which meant that Hna Carpenter and I nearly literally went mad because we weren't allowed to leave the residence and we couldn't do anything hardly at all. It was especially hard because all Hna Hansen was doing was sleeping, so we couldn't really talk or move around. We also had a hard time getting consistent meals because of it, but no worries, all is well and I'm healthy.

In a nutshell, it's been a crazy week. However, it was also quite a decent week. It's just been difficult trying to solve 6 other sisters' problems (which were significant this week) while solving my own and staying on top of work. The blessing of the Lord is that when you're serving others, you don't have time to worry about yourself, so your problems generally resolve themselves while your back is turned. :)

Last night we had the great privilege of hearing from Elder Holland. It was a surprise visit, but it was AMAZING. We also got a new MTC Presidency (can't remember any of their names jajajaja) and 3 buildings were rededicated. Elder Holland gave the dedicatory prayer for them, and it was so powerful. He spoke of our own rededication and becoming strong stalwart and never-moving like the buildings which were being rededicated. It reminded me of when Lehi tells Laman and Lemuel that he wanted them to be like the mountains and valleys, etc. It was really cool. He also blessed the entire MTC that, no matter the calamity of the world, no attack or act of violence would ever come upon the mtc, and indeed, the very doors, walls, windows, etc. would be guarded by the angels of heaven. I know it might seem funny, but that protection is real and evident. You can feel the Lord's protection when you step through the doors of the MTC. Indeed, the very angels of which he spoke were guarding us as we listened to his prayer. Such magnificent miracles occured in that room last night. I wish you all could have been there. I know that I am forever changed because of the words he spoke and the spirit he brought. However, I am more permanently changed by the events and happenings and personal revelations of the evening. Last night, it felt like the temple was exactly around us, and I know things occured in that devotional that rarely occur elsewhere in the world. I believeI've never had the eyes and ears of my spirit opened so fully as they were last night, perhaps not even in the hallowed and sacred walls of the temple itself. I wish I could tell you more, but I only have 3 minutes.
I love you all mucho! Gotta go shepherd in 6 new hermanas! Toodles!

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