Wednesday, March 12, 2014

January 20, 2014

Hi guys. :)


Worldly things first: I would love to live wherever is cheap, fun, and has good roommates and lots of date-able men. hahaha. Also, my mission president already took care of my ecclesiastical endorsement, so that´s no prob. If I were to live in one of sheri´s apartments, it would be applewood, but I think a house or an awesome apartment somewhere else would be good too. Whatever is fine. The only bad thing about applewood is that the boys (and girls) are all like sophomores or juniors. I was thinking more junior-senior range. All I can say is: Let the Holy Spirit guide (and please remember that my bank account could easily compared to a starving street-walker in Honduras...).


Anyway. Glad that´s over. Whew. Anyway. Sounds like things are going good in the world of.. the world. Things are going well here. The most exciting thing thats happened lately is that I´m having to give a sister the rabies vaccine. It´s pretty intense stuff. The other very exciting thing that´s going on is that my housemates and I are having a bean growing competition. We´re going to see who is the best frijoler-er. Pretty sweet. My bean is named Charly. Also, the winner of the best bean plant gets brownies and ice cream. Woot.


Welp, I think I´ll have to log out now, it´s super hard to focus in the office right now... they´re talking deep doctrine. Better go put out some blasphemy fires. haha


Love you all a lot!


Hna Bayles

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