Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 2, 2014

Ok, family. I´m really sorry I didn´t write last week. I´ve felt bad the whole week, but it was necessary. I´m making up for it by sending a bunch of fotos because I won´t be able to write much today either. Things are going ok for me. We´re working really hard and doing divisions at least twice a week, usually outside of San Pedro. It´s kind of crazy. We´ve also been having a lot of health problems lately, so my life has been crazy. Katerin is all set up for baptism and doesn´t seem to mind the fact that we have to neglect her sometimes to be able to do nursing and sister training leader stuff. It really is incredible how God blesses us for our sacrifices. We hardly ever have time in our own area, but somehow we´re still helping people along. Yesterday we had 7 investigators in church, which isn´t anything crazy, but considering that we were only in our area for the equivalent of a day and a half, it´s pretty dang incredible. God blesses us a lot. We´re really working with a couple of families right now. One of them lives in the Bordo, which is basically the equivalent of the Ghetto. It´s also the poorest part of any area. The houses are made of cardboard boxes, stray pieces of wood, old advertisements, things like that. I´d take a picture, but it would be a reallllllllly bad idea to whip out a camera in the Bordo. hahahaha. Maybe someday I´ll work it out. Yesterday another person asked me  where I was from... he didn´t believe me when I said I was from the states. He said, ¨well obviously you look like a gringa, but then you talk and suddenly I doubt myself.¨ I still think I have a definite Gringo accent, but sometimes people try to flatter me, which is nice of them I guess. Aside from that, I´m just really coming to understand two great lessons I´ve been learning my whole mission. 1)He who loses his life will find it: The moment we completely forgeet ourselves, the moment we go to work and forget everything but work is the moment we find who we really are and what is our true purpose. I know that I am nothing but an instrument in the hands of God, and i couldn´t be happier to say it. 2)Faith is action: I always grew up thinking that I had to feel something to have faith, that my beliefs had to be backed by a certeza (surety?) deep inside of me. I still believe that we should strive to have that deep and burning testimony, but I am coming to realize more and more that it doesn´t matter so much what we believe, but who we are and what we do with what we believe. Even more profoundly, it´s who we are and what we do whith that which we do NOT know. My faith IS my action. They say faith without works is dead, and I believe that I am coming to truly understand that. Faith IS works, and therefore without works, we have not faith. If we believe in something, we must act in it. It´s like the example I always give to my investigators: I can have faith that the water in my bottle will quench my thirst, but until I unscrew the cap and take a drink, it won´t change a thing. I´m learning so much and changing so much, I just wish you could all follow me like flies on the wall and see everything I see. The mission is my life, and as George Bailey would tell anyone, it´s a wonderful life. 

May you all have a blessed and fulfilling week. I love you all very much. 

Hasta luego,

Hna Bayles


Horse-drawn vegetable sales... it´s pretty common in San Pedro, but no where else in the northern coast
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una plancha
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