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January 27, 2014

Hiýa Family,

Sorry my letter was so short last week. I just spend so much time in the mission fixing other people´s lives that I normally don´t have too much to tell about my own life, and for matters of confidentiality, I can´t really share a lot about what I DO do. haha. Between HIPAA and peoplé s confidence, I´m kind of stuck in a hard place.

Cool things that happened this week:

A couple of sisters had trouble with a baptism this week. They didn´t feel sure and because of that their investigators didn´t feel sure. They called me to ask for advice and two days later they had a baptism. haha Lesson of the week: fear and doubt do not come from God (unless of course you´re about to do something dumb).

Also, we had a baptism. Her name is Angie. She´s really great. We´ve been reactivating her family, and we finally got there, so we finally baptized her. That´s the good stuff. Also we should be having three more in the next 3 weeks. We´ll see how that turns out.

We did divisions twice this week and we also had a mission conference with Elder Suarez of the presidnecy of the 70 for this part of the world, so that was awesome. He basically machete´d us all, but it was great. The only baad thing is that between divisions, doctors visits, calls, farmacy runs, and the conference, it didn´t feel like a very productive week.

My bean plant grew.

We have a kitten who lives on our balcony. I named him Bernard. My companion hates him and gets mad when I talk to him hahahahahaha.

Today I saw What (our pet iguana) go running across the neighbor´s rusting tin roof. He´s prettu much the coolest giant iguana I´ve ever met. He likes to nod his head.


Eileen, thanks for sharing the coming unto Christ bit. I´m going to study the scriptures in my personal study (maybe someday I´ll actually get to have my personal study... people always call me with sickness or emergencies during my personal study. It´s really quite bothersome. I don´t know why they don´t call during lunch or something. What punks. haha)

Pops, I still haven´t gotten another package or anything... I think some lil´ HOnduran is loving whatever you sent me. Your transfers sound very different. We have a giant meeting with everyone who has transfers and all of the transfers are announced in one fell swoop, then you say goodbye to your old comp and go sit with your new comp. It´s mayhem, but I assume it´s for segurity. I don´t think it would be the best of ideas to have missionaries traveling alone here, or to have missionaries waiting around alone in the house.

I´m trying as much a I can to study and have an amazingly spiritual experience, but as I mentioned to Eileen, I hardly get personal study. I try to do it at night when I get home if I can´t in the morning, but people call me then, too, so I do it in waiting rooms, at lunch, in buses, etc. It´s a bummer, but sometimes the Lord needs us to take care of administrative things more than He needs us to Chug from the Spiritual Jug.

Mom, life is crazy. Very very crazy. Those two talks are great. I actually shared come join with us in a lesson yesterday. That was pretty cool. A house is fine. With or without roommate is fine. I´m down for whatever ward, and I think Greg´s cool, so that´s all good. Life sounds busy but Good. I´m jealous you get to hear Elder Holland. He´s like my favorite. He´s so direct. I´ve had to be a little direct this week. I really don´t like cutting people down, but sometimes you gotta do it to help them grow. Enoch. I like it. :)


Aside from that, I´m just doing my thing. I´m beginning to understand why the mission is only 18 months. I absolutely love it, but with how much I have to do each day, I´m beginning to get tired. That´s not to say I´m baggy (trunky?), it´s just to say I´m beginning to feel my age, as it were. If I could stay in the mission forever, I´d do it, but i think the Lord knows that at about 19 months, I´d crash and burn, so instead of seeing that tragedy, He just decided to pat my head and send me on my way. Sometimes when you give so much of yourself for so long, you begin to wonder what more you can give and where it will come from. Then you remember that God is in this work, and everything turns out alright. Anyway, love you all. Take care.



Hna Bayles

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