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March 9, 2014

Hola!!! :)

Hey-o! I loved hearing from yousies. I always love mondays because I get to know a little more of what`s going on back on the homefront. It`s weird, but I almost can`t remember what it`s like back home. I vaguely remember, but when I think about home, about Las Vegas, about Provo, about SLC, about all of those old stomping grounds, I feel like they`re from an old dream. Something that never quite existed. It`s like seeing a flashback in an old movie where everything is slightly foggy and sentimental, but it`s nothing so tangible. Sometimes I wonder if it really existed at all. I`m beginning to understand better the veil of forgetfulness between our premortal spiritual life and la vida mortal. We`re so focused on what we`re doing right now, and what we`re doing now is so different from what we were doing before that we hardly remember that anything else ever existed. Sometimes we get flashes of what we were and what we did, but it`s distant and foggy. It`s amazing how true is the statement: Lose yourself in the work. I`ve completely lost myself here in Honduras, but the beautiful thing is that, just as the scripture promises, I`ve also found myself. I love the mission so much and I can`t even begin to imagine anything else. 15 months have gone by way way way too fast. I wish I had 15 more. 


This week was another normal week. There were lots of miracles, but there are always lots of miracles, so I don`t really recognize them with so much surprise anymore. One really great moment was with a less-active named Henry. We`ve been working with him a whole lot to get him back to church as he is actually a recent convert of about 6-7 months. He`s super great, but has pulled away from the church because he hasn`t had great family support. He`s had the opposite, actually. Anyway, we re-taught him lesson 1, The Restauration (my very favorite lesson. I`m obsessed with it. I`m pretty sure the whole mission knows that that lesson is all mine). It was so beautiful to look him in the eyes as he remembered those beautiful truths he had so quickly forgotten. He just looked at us with wonder as we taught and testified, and at the end he thanked us for reminding him of what he already knew. He`s now preparing to serve a mission when he hits his 1 year mark as a member of the church.

God changes lives. 


Something fun that happened this week is that it was my companion`s birthday. We completely spoiled her (me and my housemates) and we had a really good time. It was a super fun day. The only bad thing is all of the balloon scraps that are strewn across the house. haha. We cleaned it up, though. 

That`s great that your ward had a baptism. I think of missionary work in the states and I have great respect for any missionary that makes it through their time serving in the states. My mission is much harder in certain aspects, but on the whole, I was sent in a very blessed time to a very blessed mission in a very blessed country among very blessed people. I`m beginning to understand what David means when he says that his mission was easy. It`s not that the mission itself it easy. It never is. But compared to other missions, the Latin-American missions are the dessert. We see so many results here because the people are so prepared. I always tell the sisters in divsions: ^I`ve never gone contacting for more than 5 minutes and I hope today won`t be a first for me. There are so much better ways to do it here, and the people here are ready and willing to make it work.^ Then I think of the poor little things serving in the States or my poor brother who served in Ukraine, and I just shudder at the thought that day after day after day is spent doing nothing more than contacting. It`s not that they`re not great missionaries, in fact it`s the contrary. It`s just that the people aren`t as prepared yet and the members aren`t as willing to dig in and go to work. Now, in other missions they may contact all day, but they don`t have to worry about many of the things that we have to worry about here in Honduras (especially in San Pedro), the likes of which I will probably never tell you all. haha. But I thank the Lord every day for sending me to the mission I`m in and also for sending me three big brothers whose missions have absolutely inspired me and kept me going. 

I really didn`t understand what they talked about until I got out here, and now I`m beginning to truly understand the kind of men they are. I think of David`s stories of things that happened and I realize that we will end up with a lot of similar stories that we will never tell our mother hahahahahaha. I think of Andrew who had to speak more than two languages in the mission, and who walked through freezing temperatures every day for two years. Then I think of Greg. Good ol`Greg who, if I may say, had the hardest mission of the four of us. Greg who helped and served and loved for two years of horrible heat and below-freezing cold in areas where the church was probably in his very hands more than those of anyone else, who served for two long years and didn`t see as many fruits of his labors as he deserved to see. I think of those three men and, understanding what it means to be a missionary, I understand exactly the kind of men they are. God sends big brothers to be heroes for their little sisters.    

Anyway. I really liked the story of Henry B. Eyring. I think that one will probably stick with me, too. 

I didn`t understand the subject line of the email for today, but I have to tell you, it surprised me a little bit because last night I had a dream that we were in Disneyland and a lion was running wild and attacked us and he scratched your head then I beat him up and told him not to mess with my mumsie. You haven`t gotten attacked in the head by a lion, have you? I hope not. 

Anyway, that`s too bad that dad`s been sick. If I had a lempira for every time someone here was sick with a stomach problem, I`d be rich, even with the lempira to dollar conversion rate. Seriously. I got like three calls this morning. 


As far as Katerin goes, she will be baptized this saturday at 3 pm. :) Her mom revoked permission until she had gone to church a little bit more, and even though Katerin is a legal adult, her parents are paying for her everything, so she felt like she should obey. Also, she wants to show that she`s changed, and disobeying her mom would be the opposite of that. But all`s well that ends... in a baptism. haha. So we`re stoked for that. She`s 20 years old and we met her in the church haha. Love when that happens. She was more than prepared. In fact, she met with missionaries (my good friend Elder Bergquist, in fact) about a year and a half ago, but wasn`t ready then. Now, after all this time, she`s ready. It just goes to show: even if we don`t see the fruits in the moment, we never know when missionaries are going to show up again and reap what we`ve sown. 

That makes me sad that Enoch has RSV. I guess it would be spring there, so there`s probably quite a few bebesitos with respiratory stuff. I`ll pray for him for sure. Lil Enoch. I`ll be excited to meet him. 


Greg`s thesis sounds super interesting haha. Exactly up his alley. 


That`s cool that you`re still doing the marriage class, and I love the proclamation for the family. I always use it to teach the law of chastity. I tell them if they want the blessings of an eternal family, they`ve got to live an eternal law. We read the responsability of parents and children and then we talk about the sacred powers of procreation. It`s a pretty sweet lesson. Now if only we could rent out a hot-air-balloon and a loudspeaker and preach it to all of Honduras. haha. You have no idea how many times I ask people if they`re married and they say no, then I ask them how much time they have together and they say, for example 34 years. Then I tell them that they have very beautiful grandchildren and they thank me. Then I ask them why they haven`t gotten married or if they`re willing to get married, and do you know what they answer? That they don`t know if they love each other. I tell them they have 34 years of proof and they tell me that all of their friends who get married get divorced and marriage is something sacred so they don`t want to toy around with it. I tell them they`re dummies. Not really. But I`d like to. If you don`t want to toy around with the sacredness of marriage, don`t toy around with your boy or girlfriend before marriage. Is that really so complicated, old people?! hahahaha. They`re so crazy. I hear that response like four times a week. 


Anyway. Rant over. The housing business sounds good. Anything is fine. 


I hope your jury duty goes well and that pops feels better soon.


Love you all tonsies!

Hna Pilas
This little girl`s dad killed this iguana with a sling shot. They were about to eat it, so I asked if I could touch it. It was really cool. The poor thing had already lost his tail, but he was really pretty. Too bad they were going to eat him. Also, can we please not focus on my dorky glasses tan-line? I`m trying to get rid of it by not wearing glasses. haha. 
Love yàll!

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