Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 13, 2013

Hey-a everyone,

Before I get too far, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Carlos and Elise!!!!!!! I meant to include Carlos´ in last week´s email since it was closer to last Saturday than this, but I was a little pressed for time.


I don´t remember if I told yáll but my Pres´s name is President Dester (James, I think) and he and his wife are from Highland area. They´re really great people. The other President and his wife (the Kleins) told me that they had been reading my blog before the mission and really were hoping to have me in their mission. And here I thought no one would ever take the time to read my mission blog. hahaha. 


Also, before I get going too far, I´d like to announce that I am completely healthy and well! haha. Apparently saying that the nurse is my companion brings up the question of my health, but I´d like to clarify that I am SO abundantly healthy that they´re putting me partially in charge of errbody else´s health. haha. Anyway, that´s what´s up.


Also, thank you Andrew and Kristen for that AWESOME package!!!!!!! Made my life. Not just my day. 


This week. Welp, this was an interesting week. We only had to go to the hospital twice (once was last pday, so that´s a bummer... haha... bummer... it was for a stool sample. hahahahahahhaa) which was nice. However, it was a rough week of finding new people and we had to leave all of our golden investigators, which is to say all but one of our investigators. Granted, I guess we´ve not permanently left any of them. They´re on probation. We´re leaving them to govern themselves for 1-2 weeks and if they have a mightly change of heart in that time or if they show up to church tomorrow, we´ll take them back, otherwise, we´ve done everything we can for them. Anyway, I absolutely love them, so I want to tell you about them. 


First, Sarahí. Sarahí reminds me of a little kitten. She´s 19 years old and loves everything that is cute and little and fluffy and talks in a little squeaky voice. And she kind of looks a little bit like a human kitten. She´s extremely catholic and loves listening to our lessons and coming to church but doesn´t have any desire to be baptized. She tells us she realizes that we´re right and that she needs to do everything we´re talking about, but right now she just doesn´t feel the need to change or do anything. She´s been on strict no-sight no-sound probation, meaning we have practically been hiding from her to see what she does. haha. 


Next, Ricardo. Ricardo is a 60-ish year old man who reminds me a lot of Brian (in other words, he´s awesome). He´s got a ton of questions, and it usually takes about an hour to answer them all. He loves talking and he adores us. He always wants us to go to his sister´s house to eat dinner while we teach him, but we usually decline the offer and instead accept a very large glass of juice. He loves punctuality and reads everything we give him, including the entire general conference issue of the Liahona. He has a testimony of the church and has accepted baptism, but has backed down in the last little bit because he doesn´t like feeling pressured. He skipped the first two hours of church last week to watch the tour de france because he wanted to get to know france a little better. haha. He´s best friends with a crazy little old man named Ramón, who´s a recent convert. They both claim that they´re enemies, but then they stay up til 2 in the morning talking and laughing and remembering their 50 years of friendship. hahaha. Crazy old men. 


Last one I want to tell you about: Concepción. Concepción is an 86 year old very grumpy woman who can´t really hear. She pretends to be really gruff and ornery (is that how you spell it?), but she´s just a big ol´ softy. She yells at her grandson, then when he isn´t looking she winks at us and chuckles as she looks at him with the most loving look ever. She adores us. She always gives us juice and calls her her hijas. She just smothers us in hugs and kisses. She´s really cute. Last week, we found the testigos in her house. Apparently she´s also receiving lessons from the Jehovah´s witnesses. She says she likes us better and believes our doctrine more fully, but they won´t leave her alone and she´s scared that they´ll judge her for becoming Mormon. Also, she´s scared of her daughter judging her. 

Anyway, all´s well. Ummm. Love yáll! 


Hna Bayles

before I forget: tell Eileen that elder Aiono is in my mission and he´s a TROUBLE MAKER for us nursing folk hahaha. Poor thing only has 8 weeks in the mission and has already machete-d his hand and currently has Ghiardia (wicked little stomach bug-parasite-bacteria) and e. coli poisoning. Maybe don´t tell his mom that cause I don´t know how much he´s told her about his medical fun... ;) In fact, don´t tell MY mom about that... she´ll probably worry. hahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha. 


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