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July 29, 2013

Howdy-doo, American folk.

Pues. Esta semana. Dònde empiezo? Pues. Primeramente, lo siento por no escribir Sabado. Me imagino que estàn preguntando que pasò. Tuvimos una reuniòn de todas las hermanas en la misiòn hoy y tuvimos que cambiar nuestra Pday para asistir a esta reunión. Entonces, lo siento mucho. No sean preocupados; todo està bien. :)

Ok. Back to English. Not sure why that had to be in Spanish, but it did. Anyway. This week was crazy. We saw so many miracles, so many tender mercies, and so much opposition. As with all good weeks, it began with pushing a car up a hill, a miraculous finding, a very angry taxi driver, and a bit of an encounter with the adversary. Nothing like a good Monday. 

So, the car was just a random act of service. The angry taxi driver was trying to rip us off because we´re two gringas (it ended up working; he ended up ripping us off, but it´s better to get ripped off than to make a Honduran extraordinarily angry with you. And let´s face it... he ripped us off of less than $1... I think we did just fine). 

The miraculous find was a family that desperately needed to hear our message; they just lost their almost-3-year-old daughter and were asking if 1. they would ever see their daughter again and 2. if God was punishing them for not going to church by taking away their daughter. We approached their door with a Plan of Salvation pamphlet in hand, and when I began to introduce ourselves and explain that we carried a message of comfort and hope, that families could be together forever, she broke down and cried. We then talked to her for a good long while, and we are now teaching her and her family. In the process, we also met her friend who is a less-active member of the church and we convinced her to go to church this Sunday.  

As for the last event, I will only say this:

When we are in the darkest of moments, when we are in the midst of obscurity, when we are engulfed by the very powers of Hell, we must only remember the light of Christ and we can endure with the hope and assurance of escape. No matter the situation, never forget that good will always triumph over evil, and light will always overcome the dark. You only need a speck of light to dispel and illuminate the darkness. So if you are in a moment of darkness, if you feel the strength of the enemy increase, if you feel the weight of sadness sink down across your shoulders, remember. Remember that the greatest flame begins with a spark. The warmth and comfort will return if only you will fan that speck of a spark. Strike that spark in the darkness and hold on. The light will come.


Now for a bit of silliness:

*Hna Tolliver is terrified of mice and rats. We were in the house of an investigator when a little boy came out to play with his pet mice. He held them, stuck them down his shirt, and even let them ride high-and-mighty on his head. I was thoroughly enjoying the little mousey-doodle-doos, but I could tell my compa was horrified, so I informed the little boy that my companion is terrified of rodents, so it would be great if he could put the little guy back in his cage. At this point he asked my comp, "You´re afraid of mice?" She affirmed with enthusiasm that, yes, she had a bit of an aversion to the "horrible little creatures." The little boy promptly plucked the mouse from his head and came walking toward my comp, holding the mouse by the tail, and said, "voy a quitar su miedo!" (I´m going to get rid of your fear), then plopped the mouse on her shoulder. I snatched for the mouse as my companion died a slow and painful death on the couch next to me. I finally got the little guy in my hand and all was well... ish. 

*Concepciòn (the grouchy and adorable 86 year old woman I´m teaching) always makes her grandson, Josuè, pray in our lessons. It´s almost a joke among us... we ask who she´d like to offer the prayer, but everyone knows she´s going to say Josuè. Anyway. We were in a lesson with her and Josuè when Josuè had to go next door for something. We had finished singing and asked the famous question, who would she like to pray. She got a really concerned look on her face, paused for a moment, then out of nowhere yelled, "JOSUÈ!!!!!!!!!!!!!" hahahahhaahhaa. She´s such a funny and crazy lady. I just love her. Sadly the Testigos told her that she´s going to Hell for talking to us, and God will punish her for going to church with us. She was devastated.


Ummm. We have to go to another location right now, but I´ll try to write more in like a half hour.

Toodles. Love yáll oodles!
Hna Bayles   

Pues. We had to do some work in the office, so I won{t have time to respond to your emails this week. I´m really sorry about that. But I´ll respond for sure next week. Last thing:


In regard to Los Santos de los Últimos Días: No somos santos; estamos buscando la santidad.


I love you all oodly-doodlies!!!

Hna Bayles

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