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June 29, 2013

Hey-a familia!

Prepare yourselves, cause y{all bout to get some news. So I did in fact have cambios. From one mission to another. haha Surprise! I{m now in the West mission. I{m a lot closer to cambios meetings these days as I{m serving in San Pedro Sula. I{m working in a barrio called primavera and it{s really cool. My area goes all the way up to Cocacola mountain (I don{t know if I ever told you about it, but there{s a trademark mountain here in the city with the words COCA COLA written in sign boards... it looks like the Hollywood sign in LA, but more soda-pop-y and it lights up with red lights at night). It{s been a little different coming to such a big and advanced city after being in Olanchito for so long. It almost feels more like the states here b-c of the technology and all the big buildings and such. It{s a very different feel. VERY different. haha. Sometimes I feel a little like I{m in the book Brave New World or one of those other new world-new society kind of books. There are some very rich and some very poor people here. The very rich sit around in their modern, air-conditioned houses and eat delicious food while pretending that the poor and ugly part of the world doesn{t exist. The rest live in about the same conditions as the people in Olanchito (but more urban houses and conditions) where they have to fight to eat and have all that they need. At first I was a little disgusted with things here; then I realized it was about the same as the USA and I very abruptly how very much I{ve changed since I{ve got here. Things that were once completely normal in my life back home are now foreign and unnecesary to me. Hot water (or for that matter, running water), dependable energy, air conditioning, washing machines... all these things that these super rich people have were once [necesities[ in my life... now they seem so meaningless and unimportant. I kind of miss the fields and animals of Olanchito, the humble mudhuts, the small cement rooms, sitting on tidy dirt floors and tree roots, having chickens peck at my legs during lessons, having pigs come and sit on my feet, having everyone in town know who I am, what I{m doing, and everything else about me. When you go from somewhere so rural and so humble to somewhere so urban and so advanced, it kind of puts things in perspective as to what{s important in life. I{m super excited to serve here in SPS, but it will be a definite transition.

For one thing, we walked for HOURS everyday in Olanchito. Here we will still end up walking a TON, but we can also take buses, and every night we go home in taxi. For another, there are stores with pretty much anything you could want or need. There are tons of people, but they{re not quite as friendly. The roads are all paved (or at least cobble-stoned-ish... i guess they{re more like cement blocks). I dunno, there are tons of things different here. 

One thing that{s especially different is that I{m kind of an office hermana sometimes. What I mean by that is that I{m in the office every monday until like 2 in the afternoon I think because... well, my companion is the mission nurse and... I{m kind of in training to take over for her. So... that{s new. That{s why I{m writing today, because us office folk have pday on Saturday. Weird, I know. Anyway, I get to decide at the end of my time being [trained[ whether I want to take over as nurse or not. I don{t know that I really want to do it, but we{ll see what happens. My compa is Hna Tolliver from Pennsylvania. 

Our new mission president arrived two days ago and they seem great. Us nurse-like-people had meetings with him and his wife and other office people all afternoon yesterday, and with nursing calls and worries we don{t always get to do everything we want to as far as prosyliting goes, but it{s fun, and Hna Tolliver is great, so that{s always chill. 

Our baptism with Edil fell through last Sunday, but I know he{ll get baptized in these coming weeks. I{m just sad I won{t get to see it. It seems like my very favorite converts always have to get baptized the week after I leaave the area. Oh well. Oh! That reminds me: every single one of my previous comps is in the other mission. haha Horrible, right? I won{t even get to see them at change meetings anymore. The awesome thing, though, is that all of my future comps will be in THIS mission, so that{s something to be happy about. hahahahaha. Um I{m gonna end here for now so I can send a pic or two. Love y{all tons! Pray for success in my area. :)

Lots and lots of lovesies,

Hna Bayles


I{ll write more if I{ve still got time after sending pics


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