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December 23, 2013

I live here

Dear Famlings, 

I am Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime went on divisions in La Victoria. Optimus Prime had to ¨sleep¨ on a hard tile floor without any blankets or cardboard and Optimus Prime´s body didn´t like it. Optimus Prime and Optimus Prime´s companion ended up talking half the night because they could not sleep on the hard floor. It was awesome. 

New recliner, eh? Lauren´s picture told me. haha I dig it. :) You should put the old one on the back porch so I can Honduras it up when I get home hahahahahahaha. 

Welp, this week has been crazy crazy crazy (no surprises there, eh? jejeje). The elder who had his appendix removed is doing better, but we´ve had to work with him on a couple of things, and this week we had to send another sister home. She broke her ankle doing... well I´m not sure exactly what, but it´s broken. The bad thing is she has to go home. The good thing is she only had 7 weeks left anyway and this way she´ll be home for Christmas. Cheers for conveniently timed inconveniences. haha. The only really hard thing is that I was in divisions in La Victoria of Fesitrahn when all this happened, so I had to set everything up from outside of SPS. My new calling makes both of my old (and still active) callings a lot more difficult and complicated, but it´s good, I think. It´s really hard work doing everything I´ve got to do, but I´m sure yáll already know that I love a challenge and that I like being busy more than I like being bored, so it´s a good thing. I also really love it because I get to be companions with sister Morales, who is already one of my best friends in the mission. She arrived in the mission 2 weeks after me and we were in the same district for my first cambio. We´ve always kept tabs in the mission, and now we´re super companions. We teach really well together and more importantly in the sense of our companionship, we have a lot of fun together. (Although I will add that sometimes I worry that we have a bit too much fun. We often have uncontrollable laughter attacks, and they usually hit just as we are beginning to sing ëscuchad el son triunfal¨ at the beginning of a lesson... nobody really understands why. haha). Anyway, she´s from Guatemala City. She lives in a community that translates to mean Saint Nicholas´ forest, so I´ve been bugging her about having infinite Christmas Spirit. Which reminds me:


For those of you who don´t know of what I speak, Christmas Adam comes before Christmas Eve, and is therefore: today. Happy day. :) Other than that, things are pretty normal here on the Honduran front. The 24 we have to enter at 6 pm because Hondurans are so crazy (love them!) and the 25 is a normal day. By the way, we´ll be calling from our bishop´s house, so I´ll be calling at probably 2 or 3 my time, although we´ll be there at bishop+s house from 1 pm and on until we´ve all (me and the other 3 hnas I live with) had the chance to call. I know that´s a super huge time window, but I figure you´ll all be in the house sleeping or watching movies, so we´re all good to go. I´ll be calling from Google chat again (si Dios lo permite), so any of the sibs (or other familiares) that want to participate are welcome (and expected haha) to join. I hope to see and hear from you all. Mom and Dad, I got both of your packages, and Eileen, I hope you won´t be upset that my companion and I opened the package from you and we completely dominated that trail mix in one companionship study... haha it was really tasty. I did really like the decorated post card. :) 

This week will be a completely crazy kind of week. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve (which is to say, Christmas in the world of Honduras), so the whole world will be going crazy. Christmas day everybody sleeps, so I doubt anyone will talk to us as we wander aimlessly in the abandoned streets haha. I think we´ll probably just wake up all the members with Christmas carols and bug them to give us tamales. hahahahahahha. Life in Honduras. Thursday we´ve got a Drs appointment to go to, Friday we´ll be in divisions (and it´s also Hna Vance´s birhtdya... she´s one of my house-mates. We bought her a piñata of a tomato. She misses vegetables almost as much as I do. We´re gonna wallop it with a glittery stick. We´re thinking of filling it with carrots instead of candy. It´s gonna be sweet). Anyway, as soon as we get back from Choloma (where we´ll be in divisions) we have to start another day of divisions in San Pedro. That will be crazy, but it´ll be fine. Anyway, life is crazy. 


Eileen, That´s awesome about the temple. I tell everyone I talk to that the very first thing I´m going to do when I get home is go to the temple. I miss it so so much. More than my home-country, more than English, more than Christmas. I absolutely can´t wait to enter into the Lord´s Holy House again. I hope someday I´ll be able to work in the temple like you. :) Love ya lots!


Andrea and Jim, That´s too bad that Nigil had to get his appendix out, but I´ll be praying that he heals up nice and fast. Send some of that cold weather down here, will ya? haha A Very Merry Christmas to you all.  :) Love yous!


Mom, The iguana is named ¨What.¨ Hna Joaquin named it that... nobody really understands why. I don´t know if I¨ll be able to get more of the black and white nativities, sorry. I´ll try, but they only make like 10 every year and I already bought the last 3 they made. I´ll try to do some persuasion... I´ve got connections in Guamilito. haha. Taht´s cool about your dr story. I liked it a lot, although I was slightly preocupada when you started with ¨about three months ago I went to see my dr...¨´ haha. That´s cool, though. Loves you!


Dad, Phone call from Honduras, eh? I think you weren´t just talking to cualquier missionary... I think you were talking to sister Dester, the mission president´s wife. She´s the only other person who works on nursing stuff. She didn´t say anything about it to me, but that´s all I can imagine. That´s cool though that she called you. She´s one of my very favorite people in the world. We end up talking on the phone just about every night for nursing stuff. Sounds like you had a fun Sunday and tell Matt I say Hhola. :) Love you!


Greg, Sounds like that schoolin business is crazy. I´m glad you´re all done with the semester and I´m glad you liked your murse. I saw it in Guamilito and thought of you, especially when I saw the dragon things. They also had horses and stuff, but the force was with me and I went with Dragons (cause I know how you feel about them). Your next semester sounds rockin and if you feel good about a year off, you just go for it. That sounds good to me. Anyway, talk to you soon. Love ya!


I´ll talk to you all Christmas Day! (like 2 or 3 or 4 o´clock)

Lovesy doodles!

Hna Bayles

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