Monday, January 13, 2014

January 6, 2014

I´m sorry, but we had a small situation and as a result I really won´t have time to write today. I am doing well and working hard. I just have some insignificant news for you all: my return date is actually not the 23 of june, it´s approximately the 12 or 13 of June. As a result, I have a few favors to ask of yáll (mums and pops). They are as follows:

Please contact BYU to get me clearance to return for summer term (o sea spring semester) starting 23 of June. I deferred until fall term, but I think they´ll be understanding, and if not you can tell them that God is very disappointed in them. Also, please write professor Bill Zundell from the mmbio department or Dr. Andersen from the MMBio dpt to remind them to hold my spot for fall and winter as I will be entering the program to do that whole medical lab scientist thing. Also if you feel like hooking me up with housing and or work for summer term, that would be great. As of right now, I don´t think they´re going to give me my extension as it will mess with future missionaries´ability to enter and leave Honduras, but we´ll see. Nothing is certain, but for the moment that´s what I´ve got planned. If you´d like to register for my fall classes for me, Bill or dr. Anderson will have all of the info you need. 

Thanks a bundle, I love you a lot.

Hna Bayles 
p.s. I got the letter from Sandra ... please tell her thank you. Also please pay $5 in diezmo for me. 
p.p.s. Andrew and Kristen, thanks so much for the pakcage. Loved it.  :)

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